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the goal line

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Q: What is the line that must be crossed for a touchdown called?
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What is a redzone touchdown?

when you score a touchdown within the 20 yard line(line of scrimmage must be withinredzoneto

Does the ball have to cross the entire goal line or just touch it to be a touchdown?

Any part of the ball must cross the goal line. Once any part of the ball has "broken the plane" it is a touchdown. The "whole" ball does not need to cross the line. If the ball is touching the white line, but no part of it passes the white line it is NOT a touchdown.

Is a goal on the goal line considered a goal?

Just as a ball crossing a boundary line is not considered to be Out of Bounds until the whole ball has crossed the line, so too, the ball must have completely crossed the line for it to be a goal.

Is the word touchdown an abstract noun?

The word touchdown is a concrete noun; a thing that must be seen to be scored.

If a player catches the football while his feet are inside the goal line but the ball is not is it a touchdown?

The rules say that no matter where the player is, the ball MUST cross the plane of the end zone. NOTE: It was a touchdown today because the ball did cross the plane.

Can you trow 2 forward passes from behind thev line of scrimage?

Yes you can throw as many passes as you want as long as you or the ball has not crossed the line of scrimmage, but once you or the ball has crossed that line, you may not forward lateral the ball to another player, the pass must be a backward lateral.

If an NFL player flies out of bounds before crossing the goal line in bounds but the ball crosses the extended goal line out of bounds before the player's body hits the ground is it scored a touchdown?

According to referee Ed Hochuli who is quoted in the article that you can read at the 'Touchdown or No Touchdown' link below, a player who crosses out of bounds is awarded a touchdown if a part of his body touches in the end zone, or the pylon, after the ball crosses the 'imaginary' goal line outside the pylons. I interpret the question to ask if a player lands completely out of bounds but the ball crosses the 'imaginary' goal line outside the pylon, is it a touchdown? The way I understand what I read, the answer is no since no part of the player touched inbounds. Click on the 'Touchdown or No Touchdown' link to read the article and weigh in with your opinions. If I'm understanding your question right, you're asking about the hypothetical goal line that "travels around the world" indefinitely out of bounds. The NFL just changed this rule for the 2008 season, so that the extended goal line no longer exists. The player must now break the plane of the goal line within the field of play, or press the ball against the corner pylon, for the touchdown to count.

Does football have to cross goal?

Yes in order for it to be ruled a touchdown the ball must cross the plain of the goal in order for it to be ruled a touchdown

What is the line called which players must stand behind whilst serving in tennis?

Service line

What is a touchdown in pro football?

A touchdown is when you have crossed the plane of the end zone either by running the ball into it (which you only need to make sure the ball passes the plane), by knocking over the orange post in the corner of the end zone while in possession of the ball (which are in the end zone), or by catching the ball in the end zone (both feet must be in the end zone when caught).

Is a goal counted if a GK has crossed the goalline with the ball in his hands but the ball hasn't?

No, the ball must completely cross the goal line before a goal is awarded.

Can electric line of force cross each other Explain?

No, they must always point from one polarity of charge to the opposite polarity. This would not be true if they crossed.

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