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axis of rotation

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Q: What is the line which about the line occurs in circular rotation called?
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What is rotation on it axis?

Any object that revolves around a single axis undergoes circular motion , the line about which the rotation occur es is called "axis of rotation"

How do you define the word rotation?

A rotation is a movement of an object in a circular motion. A two-dimensional object rotates around a center (or point) of rotation. A three-dimensional object rotates around a line called an axis.

What is the big circular line on the outside of the perimeter called?


What do you call the distance around the circular race track?

Each circular completion, measured from the start line to the finish line, is called a lap.

What is it called when the imaginary line around an object rotates?

A Rotation Axis

Is there metro in Glascow?

Yes, a single circular line called the Glasgow Subway.

What is a straight line about which rotation takes place?

Generally called an axis. Can also be pole.

what Is an oblique circular cone?

In a right circular cone a line from the vertex to the center of the circular base is perpendicular to the base. In an oblique circular cone that same line will not be perpendicular.

What is the name of the straight line drawn to the center of a mirror?

If it is a circular mirror the line would be called a radius. If it is a rectangular or square mirror it would just be called a diagonal or straight line... nothing special

How often a wave occurs or passes through the line of origin is called?


Imaginary line around which earth spins?

The imaginary line between the poles of the Earth around which the Earth spins is called the "axis of rotation".

What does attack line in volley ball?

Also called the 10 foot line. It is there for rotation purposes and a guidline for hitters. That's all really.

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