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Q: What is the mass of a gold sphere that displaces 2.3 mL of water?
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What is the mass of a sample of gold that displaces 70 and 8 tenths mL of water if gold has a density of 19 and 31 hundredths g slashmark cm3?

The mass is 1 367 g.

When a rock is placed in a container full of water it displaces 250ml of water The mass of the rock is 5.63 times the mass of the water what is the volume and mass of the rock?

The volume of the rock is the amount of water it displaces, 250ml. Considering that 1ml of water has a mass of 1 mg, the mass of the rock is 5.63 x 250gm = 1,407.5mg.

How can you tell if something is made out of gold?

Determine the objects mass then submerse it in water, the volume of the water displaced is equal to the objects volume. Now get an equal mass of gold and submerse that in the the same amount of water and record the volume of water it displaces. If the volume of water displaced by the first object is eqaul to the volume of water displaced by the gold then the first object is made out of gold, if however the volumes dont match then it is not made out of gold.

How do you find mass of a rock by its density?

Determine its volume by how much water it displaces, then divide mass by volume

Why does the water come out of the bathtub you sit in it?

Because we take the water's space so it needs to rise. It was discovered by Aristotle when he fulled his bath full of water and it overflowed.

What causes negative buoyancy?

Negative buoyancy occurs when an object displaces less than its mass of whatever its not floating in. A liter of water has a mass of 1kg, but displaces less than 10g of air, so water sinks in air.

How doboats float without sinking?

Because the mass of the boat is less than the mass of water the boat displaces.

Does an object that floats displace water?

Yes. A floating object displaces its own mass in water.

Will a mass of 4.2 grams that displaces 1.6 milliliters of water sink or float?


How do you indirectly measure mass?

If the object floats you can calculate its mass by the amount of water it displaces and its size. If it doesn't float i am not sure.

What is the relationship between mass of an object and thr amount of water that the object displaces?

No relationship at all. But there is a definite and direct relationship between theamount of water than an object displaces and the object's volume.

Can the mass of the diver be predicted if the volume of the water it displaces is known?

No. That only tells you the diver's volume.