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A sphere.

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Q: What is the mathematical name for a perfectly round ball?
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What is the geometric name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The shape of a soccer ball is a sphere. The stitching pattern of a traditional ball is that of a truncated icosahedron cocentric with the sphere with the pattern projected onto the sphere.

What patterns can you find in the prime numbers between 1 to 100?

There are NO patterns in primes - anywhere. If you find one, your name will go down in mathematical legend!

How can we simplify irrational numbers?

We cannot beyond:Give them a name (eg π, e)Leave them in surd form (eg √2, e1/2)Round to a number of decimal places to provide an approximation.

What is the diameter of a football?

Football is the name given to a number of different team sports. All have fairly different measurements, and because many are elliptic (rather than spherical) they do not have diameters anyway. The only football with a diameter is the association football ball, which has a diameter of 21.6 to 22.3 centimetres.

How many people have the same name and birthday as you?

The first thing to note is that names and birthdays are independent of each other. Someone born on 5th June isn't more likely to be called Chris, and someone called Katie isn't more likely to be born on 20th October, or whatever. Thus the probability is equal to the probability someone has your name, multiplied by the probability someone has your birthday. The latter is just 1/365.25, as you are equally likely to be born on each day. The former could be anything. If you have a really common name, that 1 in 1,000 people have, then the probability of someone having the same birthday and name as you will be 1/365,250 Multiply this probability by the world population (which we'll round to 7 billion) and you get: 7,000,000,000/365,250 = 19,165 so 19,165 people would have the same name and birthday as you!

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What is the mathematical name for the shape of a soccer ball?

The soccer ball is round in three dimensions. It's a sphere. (The Laws of the Game actually specify a spherical ball.)

What is the mathematical name for a ball?

A sphere.

What is the mathematical name for a ball shape?


What is the mathematical name for a snooker ball?

A sphere is the correct terminology.

What is the mathematical name for a snooker ball that has been cut in half?

A hemisphere would be the correct name.

What is the ice hockeys ball name?

There is no ball in hockey - there is a puck which is flat and round.

What is the mathematical name of the shape of a rugby ball?

A rugby ball is, mathematically speaking, a "prolate spheroid"spheroid-1By the way, the mathematical name of the shape of a coffee grain is "Remb's surface"

What is the name of the solid which looks like a round ball?

a sphere

What did they use for a dodge ball in 1832?

They used a round rubber ball. They just got tired of calling it 'round rubber ball' so they gave it a name. So instead of "Pass the round rubber ball to me!' it's 'Pass the dodge ball to me!'. That or boncey ball of pain and rubber. Your choose.

What does the name 'Jimmy' mean?

It means, big round as fluffy as a ball.

What shark chops round holes in its victims body?

The cookie cutter shark chops perfectly round holes in its prey (hence its name)

How did they get the name for Milk Duds?

They wanted a perfectly round candy and since that couldn't be done then they were called "DUDS"

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