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Q: What is the mathematical term of difference?
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When we subtract two numbers the answer obtained is known as?

The MATHEMATICAL TERM for the result in subtraction is known as the DIFFERENCE.

What term is defined as mathematical base on rules of physics?

.com it can define the difference between the transformation and the transmotion

What is the mathematical term for term?

It is term.

What is the difference between mathematical sentence and mathematical phrase?

difference between sentence and phrase in math

What is the definition of the mathematical term property?

Property is not just a mathematical term. It means a characteristic or attribute.

What is the difference between a mathematical translation and a mathematical reflection?


What is the mathematical term for distance?

The term is distance.

What fraction is equal to the mathematical term pi?

The mathematical term of pi is approximated equal to 22/7. :)

What is the math term of bisect?

"Bisect" IS mathematical term!

In maths is there a term call transfiguration?

No, it is not a mathematical term.

What is the mathematical term for the chance that an event will happen?

Chance means estimation or probably.... It is an estimation of something with the mathematical term!!

What does the mathematical term convention mean?

Convention is not a mathematical term: it means what is generally done or an accepted way of doing something.