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The mode is when a in a set of numbers one or more number(S) are repeated more than once. look. 4,6,2,8,5,9,3,5,7,8,9,8,8,8,5,5,5,4,4,3,3,4,5. the modes here are..5,8,4,9and 3

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Q: What is the mathematical term of the word mode?
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Is average another word for Mean Median or Mode?

Average is a synonym for mean (the mathematical term not the adjective)

What is the mathematical term of mean median and mode?

They are all forms of average.

What a mode?

Mode is a mathematical term. It stands for the value that appears most often in a set of numerical data.

Mode is a mathematical term meaning?

mode means an average found by determining the most frequent value in a group of values

What does the mathematical word mode mean?

It is the set of numbers which occur the most frequently

What is the math term for length?

There is no other mathematical term for the word, length.

What does the word mode mean in mathematical terms?

The mode of a set of numbers is the value, which occurs the most frequently. Examples may be referenced at

What is a mathematical term or word that starts with the letter w?

in geometry, width

What is the mathematical term for estimate?

Mathematicians use the word estimate.

What are the variables and numbers in a mathematical expression?

Maybe the word you're looking for is: term.

How do you spell mode?

The spelling moded may be slang or a variant of the noun mode (method, manner). The word outmoded means outdated.The word sought may also be one of these:Mordred - a character in Arthurian legendmurdered - killedmotive - (noun) reason for action (esp. crime)modern - (adjective) current, present

What is the definition for the mathematical term for mode?

It is the number that occurs the most. For example: 29,32,28,33,24,29 If u put those numbers in order u will get the answer like so: 24,28,29,29,32,33 The mode is 29 because it occurs the most.