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You have to know how long it takes to get to 90 mph to solve this. Speed = acceleration x time

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What is the maximum acceleration of a train travelling at 90 miles per hour?

The speed or velocity of a train has no bearing on its acceleration.

Compare the tension of a train with constant speed and acceleration?

Unless the train is in a curve, you cannot have constant speed and constant acceleration. You either have constant speed and zero acceleration, or you have changing speed and constant acceleration. Please restate the question.

How long does it take to travel 210 miles by train?

Depends on speed, stops, acceleration, and loading times

Maximum speed of a bullet train?

the maximum speed for a train is the maglev in japan 581 km/h

What is the maximum speed of a TGV train?

The maximum speed reached by the TGV was set in a record for the fasted wheeled train as 357.2 mph. TGV stands for Train a Grande Vitesse, meaning high-speed train in french.

Is the acela train a bullet train?

No. The high speed Acela train has a maximum speed or 150 mph on sections between New York City and Boston, MA, with a section in NJ with a maximum speed of 135mph. For all other areas, its maximum speed is no higher than 125mph. While there are improvements authorized by the government to increase its speed, it is not generally referred to as a bullet train.

What is the maximum speed of a train?

The maximum speed of a Maglev (magnetic levitation) train on a test track in japan was 581km/h. In Shanghai, a Maglev train routinely runs to the airport at 431km/h.

If a train is slowing down is it accelerating?

Acceleration means to gain speed. Losing speed is called deceleration.

How long would it take to travel 46 miles by train?

Speed = distance / time, so time = distance / speed. Therefore, to get the answer, divide 46 miles by the speed of the train.

What is the speed of a train that travel 536 miles in 2 hours?

The average speed of that train is 536 miles per 2 hours. The speed can also be expressed as 6,432 miles per day, 268 miles per hour, 393 feet per second etc. In any case, that is one heck of a train !

What is the maximum speed of the Eurostar passenger trains?

Either 186mph or 200mph - depending on which model of train. However - the maximum speed traveled depends on the route & country.

The speed of train A is 18 mph slower than the speed of train if Train A travels 220 miles in the same time it takes train B to travel 310 miles what is the speed of each train?

'A' is slower. 'B' is faster. 'A' covers 220 miles, while 'B' covers 310 miles. 'B' gained 90 miles on 'A'. Since 'B' gains 18 miles on 'A' in each hour, it took (90/18) = 5 hours for 'B' to gain 90 miles on 'A', so both stated distances were covered in 5 hours. Speed of 'A' = 220/5 = 44 Speed of 'B' = A+18 = 310/5 = 62

How fast does a train in Bangladesh go?

The maximum speed a train in bangladesh usually can take is not more than 100-120kmhr. And average speed is 40- 80 km/hr.

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