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CKT is electrician short hand for circuit. A circuit is everything powerd by on circuit breaker

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Q: What is the mean of CKT?
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What is mapbaro ckt rangeperf on a dodge stratus?

Do you mean "MAP/BARO CKT Range/Perf" You have a problem with the MAP sensor. Could be nothing more than a vacuum leak.

What is the torque converter ckt performance?

What is the torque converter ckt performance?

How do you create essential hazards?

as we know that sequential ckt = combinational ckt + feedback So if we clear the hazards of combinational ckt then also some type of disturbance left in the ckt .That disturbance is known as ESSENTIAL HAZARDS.

Why inductor are used in CKT?

inductor is used in ckt because it will work as controling current device

What is the advantage of parallel circuit from serios circuit?

In parallel ckt voltage in all branches will be same, its different in series ckt

What happens in a circuit when you increase the voltage?

When you increase the voltage of a ckt. the current and consequently the power output of the ckt. will also increase.

Why alternator rating in KVA?

as while designing alternator we have to consider two ckt. i.e. electrical ckt.& magnetic ckt. and electrical designing by considering current & magnetic by volt.thats why rating is in kva.

How do you measure the resistance if you only have a voltmeter?

If all you have is a voltmeter, then resistance can only be calculated. If you know the total volts applied and current, either total current if in series ckt or current through the component if parallel type ckt, then the following formulas apply: R=Eapp÷It (series ckt) R=Eapp÷IR (parallel ckt)

Discuss what would happen if a resistor was not inclued in a circuit?

u can't avoid resisters in ur ckt because even the components using in ur ckt hav its own resistance........ if u r not using a resistance in ur ckt u cannot vary the parameters like power voltage current etc.. such ckt is a vaste

What happens to the voltage and current within a series circuit?

in series ckt current is same but voltage it considering the ckt it mains voltagr is variation

What is difference between open circuit and close circuit?

While ckt is open there is no current flow in the ckt. But when there is a close ckt then current is pass through the ckt from higher potential to lower potential.CommentThe correct term is 'closed circuit'.

What training courses are offered on the website Ckt?

There is no website to be found under the name of Ckt. For that reason there are no training courses offered there because the website does not exist.

In parallel ckt voltages are same?


What is the all resistance?

its total resistance in ckt

What are the application of a differentiating amplifier?

It is a signal checking or comparing ckt..... So we can use it in the analog or digital locker ckt's or in security check's etc....

What is resistor and its use and working?

resistor is a passive component which opposes the current flowing through a closed ckt. use in opposition of current in ckt .

Where is the ckt on a 1999 ford windstar?

One context that I have seen this "CKT" reference is in relation to a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) - specifically relating to the vehicle speed sensor.CKT is an abbreviation for an electrical circuitIf the CKT in question is part of check engine light trouble code, the only way to research the causes of those codes is to use the basic DTC code and not just CKT.See "Related Questions" below for more

What is mean by lumped element in electronics?

lumped" means that the dimension of you ckt element is much smaller than the wavelength of the signal passing through it. Therefore, you can treat your ckt element as a lumped unit (against the wavelength), and do not have to worry about wave propagation phenomenon "within" your ckt element. The opposite of "lumped element" is "distributed network." Typically, in low-frequency ckt/network, since the frequency is low, therefore, the wavelength is large (wavelength = propagation speed(usu. speed of light) / frequency ), so most elements can be treated as lumped. However, as frequency goes higher and higher, the wavelength becomes shorted and shorter, the wave propagation effect WITHIN the ckt element becomes more and more pronounced.

How many gfci outlets can you have on one circuit?

One is enough. If you have a 20 amp GFI for a 20 amp ckt. The load on any number of outlets being protected by the GFI that exceeds the 20 amp ckt. capacity should be on a separate 20 amp ckt. with its own GFI protection.

What is code ckt on Chevy Tahoe?

code co279

What happened when capacitor is infinite?

it works as a short ckt

What is AN on a transformer?

It is electronic device which pass or transform a electric energy from one ckt to anoher ckt The answer is wrong. AN denotes the cooling method of Transformer. AN means Air Natural

What are the color codes for the original 7-blade trailer wiring harness on a 2002 Chevy Avalanche?

ckt # 47, DK BLU trailer brake controlled switched output. ckt#142 RED fused trailerbrake battery feed ckt #1620. LT BLU vehicle stop lamp switch to brake controller input ckt #1850 BLK brake controller ground ckt #2409, BRN brake controller illumination. In reference to the female plug: A is LT Blu B is Red C is DK BLU D is BRN E is left blank F is BLK 100% correct!

How do you calculate voltage drop in a circuit?

for calculating the voltage drop in ckt first of all you have to calculate the total resistance of the ckt as well as total current also then applying ohm's law v=IR u can calculate the voltage drop across a ckt While the answer is correct you might investigate thevenin theory.

What can be said about the current if more devices are added in series and battery voltage does not change?

By devices, assume you mean resistances. When you add more R to a series ckt, I decreases.