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Q: What is the mean proportion between 5 and 15?
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What is the mean proportional between 5 and 45?


What fraction is between 15 and 25 The answer has to have a denominator of 10.?

If you mean between 1/5 and 2/5 then the fraction is 3/10

What ratio forms a proportion with 5 2?

10 4, 15 6, just multiply it by a number

7 is to 35 as 5 is to?

7/35 = 5/x You have a proportion here. A proportion is a statement that two ratios are equal. The numbers that form a proportion are called the terms of proportion. There is a special relationship between the terms, called the cross products property. In the proportion that you have, 7 and x are called the extremes of the proportion, and 35 and 5 are called the means. In a proportion, the product of the means equals to the product of the extremes. So, 7/35 = 5/x (7)(x) = (35)(5) 7x = 175 7x/7 = 175/7 x = 25 Thus 7 is to 35 as 5 is to 25.

Geometric mean of 5 and 15?

Geometric mean of 5 and 15= √(5x15)=√75=5√3

In a sample of 500 students 50 percent attend college within 50km of their homes The probability that the population proportion will be between 0.45 and 0.55 is?

According to the theory behind a sampling distribution of a proportion, when you take a sample proportion with mean p from a sample of n people, the actual population proportion will follow a normal distribution of mean p with a standard deviation of √(p*(1-p)/n). Using the information given, our sample had a mean, p, of .5 and a sample size, n, of 500. Therefore, the mean of the population is .5 and the standard deviation is √(.5*(1-.5)/500)=.022361. Next, in order to find our probability, we need to calculate the z-scores of our 2 bounds using the formula z=(x-mean)/standard deviation. For .45 this gives (.45-.5)/.022361=-2.236 and for .55 we get (.55-.5)/.022361=2.236. In order to convert this into a probability, we will need to look these values up in a z-table and find the area between them. Doing that we find that the area must be .974653. This tells us that the probability that the population proportion is between 0.45 and 0.55 is 97.4653%.

What does the term is to mean in math?

"Is to" usually indicates a ratio or a proportion. 5 is to 10 as 9 is to 18.

Solve the proportion 5 over 9 equals x over 27?

5/9=x/27 135=9x 15=x

What is halfway between -15 and 5?


What number is halfway between -5 and 15?

10 is the number halfway between -5 and 15.It is: 5

What is the difference between loratab 5 to 15 milligram Oxycontin?

What are the differences between 15 mil as to loratab 5

What is the difference between 15 and 20?

15 + 5 =20 so its 5