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4570-4430=140 4800-4240=560 5920-5360=560 140+560+560=1260 mean=1260/3=420

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Q: What is the meanaverage increase in the number of students for these three schools 4430 to 4570 4240 to 4800 and 5360 to 5920?
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What is the total number of schools in Guyana?

approx 430 primary schools (approx 110,000 students)

How can violence in schools be reduced?

There are a number of ways to reduce violence in schools. One of the best is to increase the number of faculty. However, financial constraints make this difficult. Thus, many schools have initiated anti-violence and anti-bullying programs which educate students about recognizing and putting a stop to each.

Is Robert Morgan an accredited cosmetology school?

According to the Beauty Schools of America the Robert Morgan Cosmetology Schools are fully accredited and have been since 2002. Over 1,000 students were enrolled during the 2009 season and it is anticipated that the number of students attending will increase over 2010.

What is the maximum number of students per classroom in elementary schools in Massachusetts?


What does decreasing mean?

Decreasing is the opposite of increasing. When you increase something, you have more of it; when you decrease something, you have less of it. For example: we want to increase the number of students who graduate from college. We want to decrease the number of students who drop out.

What is the maximum number of students allowed per class in elementary schools in Pennsylvania?

About a million

Why there is a decrease of nursing students?

There is not a decrease of nursing students; almost all nursing schools have waiting lists. The number of nursing students is limited by the nursing instructors.

How are the CUNY law schools ranked?

CUNY law schools are ranked according to their number of students, popularity, infratructure quality, quality of their professors and teachers, and how easy it is for their students to find jobs after graduation.

A town has 3 high schools with 4000 students each what is the order of magnitude of the total number of high school students in the town?


What is the order of magnitude for 4000?

a town has hight schools with 4,000 students each. What is the order of magnitude of the total number of high school students in the town?

The matrices show the number of students participating in fine arts for the two high schools in the county?

this is B

Should college be made cheaper for science students?

Yes.If it were cheaper, The result would be that the number of scientists would increase dramatically. However it would likely mean an increase in cost for the rest of the students.

How many students died in schools death in the pass five years?

need to get statistical data on number of schools death in the UnitedStates in the pass five years.

How many public schools are in Duval County?

It is a district with a large number of public schools. There are 183 public schools in Duval County and they have just over 125,000 students across all of their campuses.

What does staffing ratios mean?

In schools, for example, it is usually expressed as the number of students per teacher. In any case, ratio means comparing one number to another, so staffing ratio compares number of students to number of staff (teachers).

What percentage of university students major in law degree?

If you're talking about an overall percentage of students, from all universities, the number is very low. Law schools though make up a large percentage of schools, around 10%.

How many students graduate each year from accredited schools of veterinary medicine?

In the United States, approximately 2,000 veterinary students graduate from vet school each year. This number is rising slowly as more seats are added to existing veterinary schools and new schools are planned.

Is number of students continuous or discrete?

The number of students is discrete. There is no number of students between 4 and 5.

Why was their an increase in the number of colleges and universities in the late nineteenth century despite the relatively few enrolled students?

imartha washington

What law related to German schools was passed in April 1933?

In April 1933 , German law restricted the number of Jewish students in class .

What is the number of teachers in New York City schools?

According to Wikipedia, there are over 80,000 teachers in the system servicing over 1,000,000 students.

Do school laptops have a webcam?

many schools give the permission for it and many laptops have this feature. number of students used this technology for their project work.

The physicians at teaching hospitals legislation was passed to do what?

Increase the number of physicians and other healthcare providers available to teach medical students

At a club fundraiser a group of students washed 128 cars in one weekend The next weekend they washed 192 cars What was the percent increase in the number of cars washed?

The increase was 50%

Does Mike Huckabee support no child left behind?

Yes, Huckabee is fully behind NCLB. He agrees wholeheartedly in closing "non-performing" schools as shown by his plan in Arkansas. Schools must increase the number of students making above average by 10% of their total population each year and tests are re-normed to set average higher every year under his plan. This is mathematically impossible, but almost word for word the wishes of the writers of NCLB. Non-performing schools are closed after 3 years (and consolidated into neighboring districts who still must increase by 10% of total population). He also supports vouchers to send students to private schools. The only thing is the system will break before schools actually close because, as you stated, it's matematically impossible. Many schools won't make AYP this year, even more the next and so on. It's more than a 10% increase this year as well.