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Q: What is the meaning of Luke 16.1-13?
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Generations from adam to jesus?

Differ in Mark and Luke, meaning even accepting the genealogy as accurate, it's hard to say.

How many times does the phrase appear in the bible to him who has ears?

Luke 14:35 It is fit neither for the soil nor for the manure pile; it is thrown out. "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." Luke had written the words of Jesus. Also the rest of the disciples had leaned the meaning.

In the Holy Bible what does Luke chapter 10 verse 8 say?

Luke 10:8 in the NIV reads: <blockquote>"When you enter a town and are welcomed, eat what is set before you.</blockquote> Reading it <b>in context</b> provides a significant amount of meaning to the single phrase. See the Related Link "BibleGateway: Luke 10" to read the entire chapter in whatever version you prefer.

What does Matthew chapter 5 verse 3 say?

Matthew 5:3, "blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven", is part of a passage known as the beatitudes. This is believed to come from the hypothetical 'Q' document. The equivalent verse in Luke is at Luke 6:20, but Luke speaks of "the poor", not the poor in spirit.Normally, Luke is believed to follow 'Q' more faithfully than Matthew, meaning that the original text should be "the poor" and we should wonder why Matthew altered this from a reference to poverty to an unclear statement. The next verses refer to "those who mourn" and "the meek", so Matthew probably had a similar meaning for "the poor in spirit".However, this passage could be an exception where Luke was the evangelist who changed the original, given Luke's emphasis on the virtues of poverty. However, the order in Luke tends to confirm Luke's "the poor" as the original text. If "the poor in spirit" is, in fact, original to 'Q', we need to look at what 'Q' was trying to say.Either way, we may never really know what Matthew meant by verse 5:3. The best we can do is accept the theological preference for relating "the poor in spirit" to "the meek".

How many verses are in the Gospel of Luke?

There are 1151 verses in the Gospel of Luke.

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What is the German translation for the word Luke?

Luke is a Greek name. It has no meaning in Hebrew. But you can spell it לוק

What does the name Luke mean?

Luke comes from the Latin name, meaning "Light".

What is the meaning of Luke Leather?

Luke Leather is an Italian leather furniture company in the United States.

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What is the meaning of the word you in Luke 23?

The whole chapter?

Where does the last name Luke come from?

Luke is a diminutive of the name Lucas, from the Latin Lucius meaning "shining one".

What is the Latin word for Luke?

Luke is derived from the Latin name Lucas meaning a man from Lucania which is a region of Italy.

What does the bibical name Luke come from?

There is probably an origin to the name "Luke". The "Luke" found in the Bible comes from the Book of Luke. This name came from the person who authored this book who was also named Luke and he was a doctor of that time.

What is the meaning of flight 909 in the Lil John and Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke song Turbulence?

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What is meaning of the name Luke?

Luke comes from the name Lucas. Lucas is a contraction of the word Lucanus (meaning "of Lucania") Lucania is a district in Lower Italy and is home to the Lucani, which is a branch of the Sabelline race. it also means talet in all forms

What dues the name Luca mean?

I believe Luca is an Italian form of the name Luke. Luke means "from Lucania" and is the name of one of the Christian gospels. ^thats not an answer for the question :/ Luca like all my brothers name is Italian the meaning of the name is "Bringer of Light" Luca is a name in its own right so what they have said there is the meaning of Luke not Luca!

What does the name nelson luke thangadurai mean?

nelson - a wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponent's arm from behind and the hand is applied to the neck. luke - meaning light thangadurai - is from the language Tamil meaning golden king. hope it helped