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A polyhedron's edges can intersect at any angle less than 180. The only polyhedra to have standard angles are prisms and platonic solids.

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Q: What is the measure of an angle to form a polyhedron?
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When two rays have the same endpointthey form what angle?

They can form an angle of nay measure.

What polygons that form a polyhedron are called?

They are the faces of the polyhedron.

Two angles form a linear pair the measure of the smaller angle is one half the measure of the larger angle find the degree measure of the larger angle?

i want the answer of this question can someone help me

2D pattern folded to form a polyhedron?

Can be. It would be the net of the polyhedron.

What is the polygons that form a polyhedron?

Any polygon can be the base of a pyramid and so any polygon can form a polyhedron.

When two perpendicular lines meet they form an angle with a measure of what?

They form an angle with a measurement of exactly 90° - that is part of the definition of :"perpendicular".

What does verter mean in math?

Vertex means each angular point of a polygon, polyhedron, or other figure or a meeting point of two lines that form an angle.

How do you find the measure of the second angle when it gives you only one angle measure?

You can use various properties of angles to find the measure of the second angle. For example, if you can see that the two angles form a right angle, then you know they add up to 90°, so you can subtract the known measure from 90° to find the measure of the other.

The measure of an exterior angle and the adjacent interior angle sum to 180 because they form a linear pair?


The faces of a polyhedron are the polygons that form the polyhedron's surface?

that's a statement, but if you ment to say are the... then yes

Explain what the measure of an angle is?

the measure of an angle is the degrees of an angle.

What is the compliment angle of an measure of 102 degrees?

That isn't possible. complementary angles form 90 degrees or a right angle