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The milli- prefix means "× 10^-3"

→ 22000 mg = 2.2 × 10^4 mg = (2.2 × 10^4) × 10^-3 g = 2.2 × (10^4 × 10^-3) g = 2.2 × 10^(4 + -3) g = 2.2 × 10^1 g

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Q: What is the measurement in scientific notation for 22000mg?
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What is the scientific notation of 22000mg?

2.2 × 104mg

How would you put 22000mg in scientific notation?

22,000 mg in Scientific Notation = 2.2 x 104mg

How do you write 22000mg in scientific notation?

22,000 mg in Scientific Notation = 2.2 x 104 mg

In scientific notation the measurement 4020 is...?

It is: 4.02*10^3 in scientific notation

How is the measurement 0.000 065 cm written in scientific notation?

The measurement 0.000065 cm written in scientific notation is: 1.5 × 10-8cm

What is measured in scientific notation?

Nothing is measured in scientific notation. Scientific notation is used merely to represent the result of some measurement - especially when that outcome is a very small or a very large number.

What is the measurement of m using scientific notation?

0,000,004.3 in Scientific Notation = 4.3E-06 x 106

What is the measurement 65900000 m in scientific notation?

The measurement 65900000 m in scientific notation is 6.59 x 10^7 m.

What is an measurement standard?

An exact quantity of people used for a comparison. Their is also scientific notation to standard notation which is changing scientific notation so it would be a standard number.

How can I record a measurement bigger than the base unit?

Scientific notation

What was the first system om measurement based on the units of 10?

scientific notation

If you have 238 kilopascals then what is the measurement in centipascals expressed in scientific notation?

238 kilopascals = 23,800,000 centipascals23,800,000 centipascals in Scientific Notation = 2.38 x 107 centipascals