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The supplemental angle to an angle measure 132° is an angle measuring 114°.

The supplement of an angle is another angle whose measure, when added to the original angle, will result in a measure of 180°.

Given an angle that is 132°, we can find the supplement's measure by subtracting this angle from 180°.

180° - 132° = 114°

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Q: What is the measurement of angle that supplements a 132 degree angle?
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What is a measurement of a angle that supplements a 132 degree angle?

All supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees. If one angle is 132 degrees, how much more would the other angle need to be to total 180? Subtract 132 from 180 for the answer.

What is the measure of a angle that supplements a 132 degree angle?

48 degrees.

How many degrees are in the supplement of a 48 degree angle?


What is a supplement of a 48 degree angle?

It is: 180-48 = 132 degrees

What angle is 132?

An angle of 132 degrees is an obtuse angle

What complements tan 132 degree angle?

Complements are defined for angles, not trigonometric ratios of angles.

If an angle has 132 degrees what type of angle is it?

Obtuse... like me.

What does an angle of 132 degrees called?

obtuse xx Im sure it isssss xx

What is an angle called at 132 degrees?

It's an obtuse angle. Not exactly, an obtuse angle is an angle that is more than 90 degrees.

What is the given name of an angle of 132 degrees?

Any angle past 90 degrees is called an obtuse angle.

What is a 132 angle called?

It is an obtuse angle because it is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees

What is angle E to the nearest degree in the triangle EFG where FG is 89 inches EG is 77 inches and angle G is 132 degrees?

This can be solved using the cosine rule to find the length of side EF, and the sine rule to find angle E The cosine rule is: a² = b² + c² - 2bc cos A we have: A = G = 132° a = EF b = EG = 77 inches c = FG = 89 inches (the assignment of b and c doesn't matter as they are the two sides of the angle A and are interchangeable for the cosine rule), giving: EF² = 77² + 89² - 2×77×89×cos 132° → EF = √(77² + 89² - 2×77×89×cos 132°) The sine rule is: (sin A)/a = (sin B)/b = (sin C)/C we have: A = G = 132° a = EF = √(77² + 89² - 2×77×89×cos 132°) inches (found above) C = E c = FG = 89 inches → (sin 132°)/√(77² + 89² - 2×77×89×cos 132°) in = (sin E)/89 in → sin E = (89 sin 132°)/√(77² + 89² - 2×77×89×cos 132°) → E = arc sin((89 sin 132°)/√(77² + 89² - 2×77×89×cos 132°)) → E ≈ 25.8° → E ≈ 26° to the nearest degree

How many BTUs does it take to heat one pound of water from 80 degree F to 212 degree F?

212 - 80 = 132 degrees temperature increase x 1 pound water = 132 BTU

How many ft. lbs are equal to 132 in. lbs.?

Your measurements are wrong. You have two different units of measurement in your question. Feet is a measurement of length while pounds is a measurement of weight. They are not equal or compatible. So, we can’t give you an answer.

One acute angle of a right angle is 42 degrees what is the measure of the other acute angle?

Since all triangles are 180 degrees, and since you now that the sum of two of the three angles is 132, you just have to subtract that from 180 to get 48 for the final angle's measure.

What is the supplement of a 48 angle?

Supplementary angles add up to 180, so the supplement angle would be the difference between the angle and 180 degrees.So: 180 - 48 = 132 degrees

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The area of a square is s2, where s is the measurement of one side. A = 132 = 169cm2.

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12 x 11 = 132.

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The diagonal of 132 x 132 is: 186.7

What is the LCM of 12 and 132?

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An isosceles triangle has two angles measuring 48 and 84 what is the measure of the third angle?

84+48=132 - 180 = 48 degrees The Answer is 48 Degrees.

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