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Arranging the numbers in ascending order the median is 3 and the mode is also 3

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Q: What is the median and mode for 34414231383731?
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What is similar for the Median and Mode in math?

Median and mode are in mathematics.

Who discovered the mean median and mode?

who discovered mean median and mode

How do you find the median and the mode of 891011?

four ages 8,9,10,11 what is the median and the mode

What are the mean median range and mode of 5436?

median= 4&3 range=3 mode= no mode

What is the median the mode the mean for 8181992183?

The median is 9 and the mode is 18 and the mean is 11

How are the mode and median the same?

Mean, median, and mode are all equal in a normal distribution.

What is a mode and median?

Mode is the most repeated number, median is the adverage out of all numbers

Are the mean median and mode always numbers from a list of data?

the median and mode are but the mean is not

How do you get median and mode from histogram?

You can't. You can get the median and mode from the data set, but not the histogram itself.

Median mode range for 58?

Median = 58 Mode = 58 Range = 0

What is the outlier of the mean median and mode?

The median and mode cannot be outliers. For small samples a mode could be an outlier.

What is the mode and median?

Both median and mode are the statistics formulas, Median is called mid value of the given data and mode is the value which occure repetedly in the given data.

What is the mean median and mode for24 15 and 18?

The mean is 19. The median is 18. There is no mode.

What is the median and mode for 3 7 5 8 8?

Mode: 8 Median: 7

What is the mean median and mode of a number?

The mean is the average. The median is the middle. The mode is the most common.

Does mode equal median in a normal distribution?

Yes, mode equals median in a normal distribution.

What is the mean median and mode of -3?

a single number, -3, is its own mean, median, and mode.

How do you find the median mode?

the median is the middle number ie 4,4,5,5,6,6,6 5is the median in this setthe mode is the most common number ie 4,4,5,5,6,6,6 6 is the mode in this set

What are 3 popular questions about mean median and mode?

3 popular questions about mean,median,mode is whats the mean? whats the mode? whats the median? hope this helps

Why is median and mode called that?

bcause median sounds like middle and mode sounds like most

How do you find missing frequency if median and mode are given?

How do you find missed frequency if median and mode are given

Can the mode be larger than the median?

Yes, the mode is the number that occurs most often. The median is the average.

Can numerical data have a range median or mode?

Yes. They must have a range and median. They may or may not have a mode.

What is the mean median and mode for 1.6 1.7 1.8?

mean: 1.7 median:1.7 mode: none

What is the range median and mode in 80 and 80 and 100?

The range is 20, the median is 80, and the mode is 80.