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The median is the middle score in a set of data which is organised ascending (lowest to highest). In your set of data, it appears that this has already been done, which takes care of the first step. Then we count up the number of scores that have been recorded. In your case, this would be six. Since this is an even number, we take the 3rd and 4th scores, and find the average of them. So in this case:

64 73 79 82 87 110

79+82 = 161

161 / 2 =80.5

Therefore 80.5 is our median.

However, in a case where there is an odd number of scores, the middle number should be selected (i.e. when there is nine scores the fifth should be selected).

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Q: What is the median in the numbers 64 73 79 82 87 110?
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