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360 divided by 5: 72

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Q: What is the mesure of the pentagons angles?
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Do pentagons have right angles?

No, pentagons to not have right angles.

Do all pentagons have congruent angles?

Yes providing that they are regular 5 sided pentagons otherwise no if they are irregular pentagons

Does Only an irregular pentagons interior angles have a sum of 540 degrees?

No, it is true of all pentagons.

What have 5 sides and 5 angles?


What is the sum of a pentagons interior angles?

540 degrees

What is the sum of the internal angles of 5 pentagons?


Does a pentagon have five equal angles?

Regular pentagons do.

Do regular pentagons have non-congruent angles?


What shape was 5 angles?

A shape with 5 angles has 5 sides, always. Pentagons have 5 sides, and 5 angles.

What kind of angles do Pentagons have?

acute, with each as 72 degrees

What are 2 similar pentagons?

Two pentagons that have corresponding angles congruent. First equals the first, second equals the second and so forth.

What is a pentagons number of angles?

A 5 sided pentagon has 5 interior angles that add up to 540 degrees

Why do some pentagons tile the plane and others don't?

Well, pentagons that tile a plane need to have angles and side lengths that have one or more in the shape.

2 parallel side 2 right angles does that describe a pentegon?

no, pentagons don't have parallel sides or right angles.

What do the interior angles of both irregular and regular pentagons have the sum of?

540 degrees

What angles mesure 87?

An acute angle measures 87 degrees

What are two regular pentagons?

Jasmine drew 2 pentagons Compare the 2 pentagons that Jasmine drew. Tell how they are alike, and identify three ways that they are different.

Are pentagons always regular?

Pentagons do not have to be regular. Elongating one side will skew two angles and make them non congruent with the other three, creating an irregular polygon.

What are 3 different equalateral pentagons with two interior right angles?

Planar figures

How many right angles in a five sided pentagon?

All pentagons have five sides.

Mesure of angles on a hexagon?

Exterior angles of a 6 sided hexagon add up to 360 degrees and its interior angles add up to 720 degrees.

How many different types of pentagons are there?

It depends on how they are classified. They can have 1 to 4 acute angles, they can have 1 to 4 right angles, they can have 1 to 5 obtuse angles. The individual values of the angles will generate different pentagons. They can be regular or irregular. They can be convex or concave.

What is a pentegon from?

Pentagons are 5 sided shapes that have 5 angles and 1of them equal 108 degrees

Are two regular pentagons always similar?

Yes they are. All ten angles are 54 degrees.

Are regular pentagons similar?

Yes, because they will have 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles