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Two pentagons that have corresponding angles congruent. First equals the first, second equals the second and so forth.

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Q: What are 2 similar pentagons?
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Are all equilateral pentagons similar?

NO! Only REGULAR Pentagons. All equilateral triangles are similar!!!

Every pentagon is similar to every other pentagon?

No. But if you restrict yourself to regular pentagons, then all regular pentagons are similar.

Are two congruent pentagons either always sometimes and never similar?

If they are congruent they must be similar.

How do you Draw 2 congruent pentagons?

you don't

Are all pentagons similar?

No, similar pentagons (or any polygon for that matter) must have corresponding congruent angles and all sides must be proportional to its corresponding sides. For example, if a square with a triangle on it is a pentagon, then a regular pentagon would not be similar to it (because corresponding angles are not congruent).

What are two regular pentagons?

Jasmine drew 2 pentagons Compare the 2 pentagons that Jasmine drew. Tell how they are alike, and identify three ways that they are different.

Are two regular pentagons always similar?

Yes they are. All ten angles are 54 degrees.

Are regular pentagons similar?

Yes, because they will have 5 equal sides and 5 equal angles

It has 2 bases that are congruent pentagons and 5 rectangular faces?

An object with 2 congruent pentagons at opposite ends connected with 5 rectangles is a pentagonal prism.

How many seams are there in a soccer ball with 12 pentagons?

It is the total number of edges divided by 2. This is because a seam connects to edges. There are a total of 32 shapes on a soccer ball with 12 pentagons. There are 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Here are the calculations: (12*5/2)+(20*6/2)=180/2=90 So there are 90 seams on a soccer ball with 12 pentagons.

How many sides do 2 heptagons and 2 pentagons have altogether?

A heptagon has seven sides and a pentagon has five. So 2 heptagons and 2 pentagons have 2*7 + 2*5 = 14 + 10 = 24 sides altogether.

Do pentagons have right angles?

No, pentagons to not have right angles.

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