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i don't think there is a metric prefix symbol for 10^0 .

10^0 (said as 10 to the 0th power) = 1

anything to the zero power is equal to 1

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Q: What is the metric prefix symbol for 10 to the 0 power?
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What is the metric prefix for 10 to the ninth power?


How do the prefixes in the metric system relate to the base unit?

Every prefix in the metric system denotes a power of 10.

What mathematical operation is most closely associated with the function of a metric prefix?

Multiplication by a power of 10 is.

What is the smallest metric prefix?

As far as I know, the smallest metric prefix is "yocto-," which is 10-24.

What does dam mean in the metric system?

dam is the symbol for decametres. A decametre is 10 metres. Decametres are not regularly used, the prefix is an historical anomaly.

What is the conversion factor of pico?

Pico- (symbol p) is a prefix in the metric system denoting one trillionth, a factor of 10^−12 (0.000000000001).

What Metric prefixes is largest?

The largest metric prefix is yotta- the symbol is Y (it has to be capital, because y is yocto-) The value is 10^24. Which is very big. giga apex mother suckers

What is the metric system prefix for the quantity 0.000.001?

The S.I. prefix for 10-6 is micro.

In the metric system the prefix means 10?

Deca = 10. A decaliter is 10 liters.

What is the largest metric prefix?

Yotta, at 10^24 or one septillion, is the largest standard prefix.

Which metric prefix means 10?

Dec, as in Decimal or Decade.

What are the metric prefixes for billionth?

The prefix for 10-9 is nano-.

What does micro micro mean in metric prefix. I know this was an older designation used for a metric prefix. Was it used for nano or pico?

I am not sure but, Micro = 10-6, so Micro micro = 10-12 for which the prefix now is pico.

What prefix means 10 to negative 6 power?

Millionth is the name for the power of 10 to the negative 6 power. The prefix for this is micro.

What is the smallest prefix for the metric system?

The smallest prefix in the SI is yocta- which is 1 x 10 -24, or a quadrillionth.

Which international system measueant prefix corresponds to the factor 10?

The Metric system is based on 10.

The prefix meaning 10 in the metric system?

D (deca). Not a "preferred" multiple.

What is the next metric prefix after Nano in descending order?

It is micro (10 -12 )

What does the prefix decka mean?

decka means 10, the symbol is da

What prefix is 10 to the third power?

It is kilo-

How many exaelectronvolts is onehundred billion gigaelectronvolt?

The prefix "giga" means 10 to the power 9; the prefix "exa" means 10 to the power 18.

What is a metric prefrix?

That's a prefix used to multiply a unit by some power of 10 - most of them by a power of 1000. For example, milli = 1/1000, micro = 1/1,000,000, kilo = 1000, and Mega = 1,000,000.

What is the metric system prefix for 1 10?

Assuming you mean one tenth (1/10) then it's deci-.

Use appropriate metric prefixes to write the following measurements without use of exponents 6.46 x 10-2?

The appropriate metric prefix is centi- for 10-2

Which prefix means thousands in the metric system?

thousand (103)= kilo thousandth (10-3) = milli