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The ground wire in a two or three conductor #12 cable is a #14 bare ground wire.

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Q: What is the minimum ground wire size for a 20 amp 110 volt circuit?
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Are Ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI devices available for use on 240 volt 480 volt and 600 volt circuits?

Yes, in the form of GFCI circuit breakers, not as a receptacle.

What is the minimum fuse rating is needed for a 12 volt circuit?

No current bro? Depends

What size wire for an 80 amp 220 volt circuit?

# 3 gauge

How do you connect a volt to a circuit?

A volt can not be connected to a circuit.

Can you use the ground conductor in a 14 AWG 2 conductor with a ground for the neutral in a 220V 15 amp circuit with less than 50ft run?

yes <<>> No, the ground wire is never to be used as a neutral. In this case if you need a 120 volt circuit from the 220 volt circuit a three wire cable (3C #14) must be installed.

What wire size is needed for 15 volt circuit?

The wire size depends on how much current it will conduct.

What size wire in a 40 amp 12 volt circuit?

Use 8 gauge wire.

What minimum fuse rating is needed for a 12 volt circuit when using one 48 watt bulb?

The formula you are looking for is Watts = Amps x Volts. Amps = Watts/Volts. This comes to 4 amps load. Minimum size fuse would be 5 amps.

In a circuit what is zero volt rail?

A zero volt rail is a rail that is connected to 0V... What do you think it is? The 0V rail is often used as a common ground, although obviously it relies on your ground voltage being 0V.

What is the measurement on a 460 volt 3 phase circuit from 1 leg to ground?

The formula you are looking for is 460 divided by the square root of 3 (1.73).

What size neutral for 60 amp circuit?

what kind of circuit? if it's a subfeed from one panel to another same size as hot wires. if it's a straight 240 volt circuit #8. depends on what kind of circuit.

What size in a 90 amp 220 volt circuit?

4 AWG copper or 2 AWG aluminum.