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It must be a first class in M.Sc. Applied Mathematics.

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Q: What is the minimum qualification of maths lecturer in engineering college as per AICTE norms?
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What is the minimum qualification for engineering lecturer in pune?

At least u should be ME, PHD. Then u w`l get good profit out of it.

How do you get a government engg college lecturer jobs?

Hi If You need to get a govt engg college lecturer job you should have B.Tech (Minimum Qualification) & also needs to pass a test conducted by Public Service Commision.

What is minimum qualification for lecturer in computer science and engineeering?

montesori pass with 0%

What is the minimum qualification of English lecturer in diploma?

Should have passed 1st class with 70%

What is the minimum qualification for the post of electrical lecturers in engineering college?

It depends on the college. With any credible college it would require at least a post graduate degree.

What is minimum qualification for lecturer in government polytechnic in computer science?

You must at least have a degree in the subject you wish to teach.

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Minimum tancet cutoff for ME in kongu engineering college?

90 % I think

What is the NATA cutoff for RV college of engineering Bangalore in 2010?

what is the minimum ranking inNata to get RV college

What are the qualifications required to become a sociology lecturer?

At a minimum, the Masters degree is the standard for community college and guest lecturer positions at 4 yr. institutions. However, some lecturer positions, especially at 4 yr. institutions, may require a Doctorate. -Psysoc grad

What is Qualification for motor vechile examiner in tamilnadu government?

Minimum qualification for this post is DME diploma in mechanical Engg or DAE diploma in automobile Engineering. Government is giving this post for those who registered in employment exchange through senieority.

What minimum qualification does one need to be admitted into the university?

The minimum qualification one needs to be admitted into a university depends on the university one is applying to.

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What is the minimum qualification required for a gazetted officer of govt of India?

minimum qualification is simple graduation. Moreover, you have to clear that exam for the post of gazetted officer.

What is minimum qualification for BCA admission?

what is minimum qulification for B C A admission

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what is the minimum educational qualification required for persuing SAP?

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What is the minimum qualification to become a SDM?


What type of education is required to be eligible for product engineering jobs?

Engineering jobs tend to require college education and degrees. Bachelor's degrees are a must for most product engineering jobs and a minimum of Masters degree is highly suggested.

What are the minimum qualification for an MCA?

you must have graduate degree

What is the minimum qualification of Justin bieber?

he is in 11th class

What is the minimum qualification to learn MBA in Distance Education?

Each college or university will have requirements particular to itself. You need to identify specific colleges and universities, and then you can obtain the information you are looking for.

What is the educational qualification for advance diploma in industrial safety?

is there a minimum qualification to carry out the role as a safety officer under legislation

What is minimum eligibility for the gate exam?

The minimum eligibility criteria are dependent on academic qualification.

What is the minimum qualification needed for IAS?

graduation in any stream