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99 cents

2011-09-29 19:01:25
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Does Obama's plan reduce the dollar amount of social security withholding for those making beyond the 106800 max In other words will the max dollar amount still be 6221?


When did the us stop making the 2 dollar bill?

The United States of America is currently making 1,2,5,10,20,50, and 100 dollar bills. There are no plans to change these denominations in the near future.

What is the greatest value of coins you can have without making a dollar?

1.19 3 quarters 4dimes 4 pennies

How do you change your age on Neopets?

You cant without making a new account.

How do you change your username on fantage without making a new acout?

you cant

Why did they change the 5 dollar bill design?

The new design was created to lower the chances of making counterfeits.

Can you change your age on Neopets?

No you can't. Or at least without making a new account.

How do you get someone off a video game without making them charge at you?

tell them that you will be charged money if you don't get off. 1day=1 dollar and so on a dollar will be added if they don't get off

Is there a way to change your clubpenguin penguins name without making a new penguing a new?


How do you delete the data without making any changes to cell?

This is a bad question. The direct answer to this question is that it is not possible to delete data without making changes, since that is the definition of change. However, you can click the undo button to change things back to the way they were before you started making changes in the first place.

How can you change the wavelength of a wave in a rope without changing the amplitude?

By making it vibrate faster or slower.

How can you change your equestrian centers name on howrse?

You can't without deleting it and making a new one.

How might two fathers and two sons divide twenty-one dollar bills evenly among themselves without making change?

one son is also a father. This means there are three of them so each gets seven dollars.

The missing dollar riddle?

Here is the missing dollar riddle: "You saw a shirt for $97. You did not have any cash, so you borrowed 50 dollars from your dad and 50 dollars from your mom, making it a total of a hundred dollars. You bought the shirt and received a 3 dollar change. You gave your mom a dollar and you also gave your dad a dollar and kept the third one for yourself. Now you owe each of your parents $49, which means you owe them a total of $98. However, you have one dollar, making the total $99. Where is the missing dollar?"

Amount incurred for making the Hollywood movie avatar?

The total budget for the movie was supposedly between $250 to $300 million or more. $ - United States Dollar.

What are gold gloves?

A gold glove is an award given to players who go a certain amount of time without making an error.

How exactly does printing money devalue the dollar?

You as an American worker are still making the same amount of money on your paycheck, but there is more money in circulation. This is what devalues the dollar. From what I understand, the dollar is currently worth about two cents. Maybe this video will help?

How do you kill a wasp without coming to close or making it angry?

Go to the dollar store and get a can of wasp spray. You will make the wasps angry, and they will die angry. :-)

What impact does the tax code have on the budget making process?

Changes in the tax code can change the amount of revenue the government takes in.

Using 8 coins how can you make change for 65 cents without making change for a quarter?

2 quarters, 1 dime, 5 pennies

Do you need car insurance in every state?

No, you can have the same amount of coverage in dollar amounts set aside in a trust fund making money but is untouchable unless you are in an accident.

Why do we have Ten Dollar notes?

The denominations of banknotes are usually carefully planned. Without a Ten Dollar note, you would need to carry more Five Dollar notes which would place greater "wear and tear" on the Five Dollar notes and reduces their life expectancy thus, making the production of Five Dollar notes less cost effective.

What is the value of a 1976s proof peace dollar?

They stopped making the Peace dollar in 1935.

What is a deathstreak on Modern Warfare 2?

When you get a consecutive amount of deaths without making a single kill, you are rewarded with a boost to help you recover.

Is making lemonade a physical change or a chemical change?

making lemonade is a chemical change.