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A tenth of a metre.

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Q: What is the most appropriate measure of length for a cat?
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What is the most appropriate unit to measure the length of a cat?


How can you estimate a cat's length if you did not have ruler?

To estimate the length of a cat's body without the use of a ruler to measure, use an object that an estimate measurement is known to estimate the length of the cat.

What should you never use to measure length with?

A naked cat

How can you measure a cat in inches feet or yards?

Inches would be used to measure a cat. If you want to measure it in feet or yards you would convert the inches into feet or yards, but leaving the measurement in inches is more appropriate.

How do you measure cat height?

A cat's height is determined by the length from the floor to the top of the cat's head. Generally the ears are not taken as part of the measurement.

What is the appropriate metric tool and unit to measure the height of a cat?

The height of a cat is measured in centimeters with a graduated rule.

What is A metric unit of a cat?

That depend what aspect of the cat you want to measure - its length, mass, etc.

What would me the most appropriate unit to weigh a cat?


How do you measure length of a cat?

use a tapemeasure and start at the nose and go to the tip of it's tail for it's full length

How would you measure a cats length without a ruler?

Use a piece of string - if the cat will stay still long enough for you to run it the length of the body. That way you can measure it properly against a ruler.

What is the most reasonable measure for the mass of a cat?

25 lbs

What would be the appropriate unit to weigh a cat?

Kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs) are the most common units used to weight a cat.

What is the appropriate word for male cat?

A Tom Cat.

What is the most reasonable unit to measure the mass of one cat?

kilogram (kg)

What is the length of cat 5 cable?

The maximum length of a cat 5 e cable with out a repeater is 100meters

How can you measure a length of a cat?

First sedate it (jk but get it to stand still somehow) then just use measuring tape or a meter stick

What is the length and weight of a house cat?

This depends on the cat. Domestic cats vary greatly in size. The average length is The average length of a cat is around 50cm with an extra 30cm for the tail. The average weight is 3kg to 6kg.

What is the length of a cat's whiskers?

it depends how lond and thin or fat the cat is

How do you shower a cat?

The term that would be more appropriate is bathe a cat. You would do this by getting the proper shampoo for cats then using warm water you would wash the cat. Like most animals you would need to be careful when washing by the ears.

What is the length of a cats tail?

The length of the tail or even the cat depends on the type of cat. Body length from 20 to 46 cm. Tail averages 25 to 38 cm long.

What is the length of the Bengal cat?

A Bengal cat is 3 feet and6 inches.

How long is the appropriate period of mourning before turning your cat into a helicopter?

Its only a cat. 3 days?

What do you call the female tomcat?

The female cat is called a "queen" (how appropriate). The male cat is a "tom" or "tomcat"

What is the length in inches of a cat?

I'm pretty sure there is no actual set length.

What are some of the most appropriate shows available on PBS Kids?

Some of the most appropriate shows available on PBS Kids are Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Sid the Science Kid, and Arthur. These shows all have the G rating. They are made for a younger audience.