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It really depends on how big the cat is. the most logical one you could weigh it in is lbs. or ounces

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Q: What unit of measurement would you use to weigh a cat?
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What is the unit of measurement that would be most helpful to the measurement of the Mass of a cat?


What would me the most appropriate unit to weigh a cat?


What would be the appropriate unit to weigh a cat?

Kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs) are the most common units used to weight a cat.

What would be the best metric unit for a cat height?

For a cat I would use centimeters.

A cat weighs 7kg how much does it weigh in pounds?

1KG = 2.20Lb so for a cat that weighs 7KG would weigh 15.43Lb

What would you use to found how much a cat would weight?

First, weigh yourself. Then, write that down. Then hold the cat in your hands and weigh yourself again. Subtract the cat and your weight together from your weight.

How many tons can a cat weigh?

none. if a cat weighed a ton it would be dead.

How much does a domestic cat skeleton weigh?

The weight of a cat skeleton would vary widely because of the size of the animal. However, an average sized cat skeleton may weigh up to 5 pounds.

How did you figure if a dog and cat together weigh 45 pounds and the dog weighs 4 times as much as the cat How much does the dog weigh and cat weigh what formula?

The formula would be 4x+x=45. You would write out let statements. You would then solve the formula for "x." The number that you get for "x" is the cat's weight. Then you multiply "x" by 4 to get the dog's weight. To check your answer see if they add up to 45.

What unit would you use to measure the weight of an adult cat?

I would probably use kilograms.

How many gallons are in 40 lbs of cat litter?

Gallons is a liquid measurement and pounds are a solid measurement. A close estimate would be almost five gallons.

Which customary unit of measure would you use to find the weight of a cat?