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Q: What is the most commonly implemented topology in Ethernet LANs?
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Does modern LANs use the bus topology?

No, modern LANs use a star topology

Router interface most commonly used to interconnect LANs in a campus network?


Is it true or false Ethernet is an found on many LANs?

True - Ethernet is the predominant protocol found in LANs today.

What type of LANs is the strongest competitive option to be used instead of Ethernet LANs today?

Today, Ethernet LAN has one competing LAN technology: WLANs.

Ethernet is an example of a baseband system found on many LANs?


How is LAN implemented?

LAN (Local area network) connects devices (computers) that are within a relatively small geographical are like a room or a building. The most popular connection technology for LANs is Ethernet.

What is Ethernet and fast Ethernet?

Ethernet is the most popular networking technology used in LANs. Fast Ethernet is used to refer to any version of Ethernet that meets or surpasses the 100 Mbps transfer speed.

Is an Ethernet an example of a baseband system found on many LAN?

Yes, Ethernet is very common on LANs and is a baseband transmission type.

Why are Ethernet II frames preferred over Ethernet 802.3 frames on contemporay lans?

They can support multiple higher-layer protocols, and Ethernet 802.3 frames cannot.

What is the most popular network technology used on LANs?

Ethernet is the most popular network technology used on wired LANs. And IEEE 802 i.e Wi-fi is used for wireless LANs. -- By MyNarutoAnime ----

When only a few microcomputers are to be linked then the bus network is typically used?

Bus topology LANs are very rare these days. It would be easier to use a star topology than a bus topology for a few devices.

What topology passes special network packets?

For WANs depending on the protocol the packets can be very different. For LANs, the ring topology insists on special packets proceeded by a "token".

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