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Q: What is the most probable reason for the increasing predator population from day 5 to day 7?
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Why is the world's population increasing so rapidly?

The population of the world is growing very fast and there are different factors which are responsible for this. The highest increase has been seen in Asia as compare to the other continents. In some states, the population growth rate is minus. The major reason of increasing population is the increase in the birth rate and decrease in the death rate. The increasing birth rate is because of the illiteracy and unawareness among the people. People in South Asia also consider their kids as the future earners therefore, more children strategy is being followed by people in rural areas. Death rate has declined because of the medical facilities. Therefore, I think that increasing birth rate and declining death rate are two major factors which are increasing world's population.

What is the global population distribution?

Global population distribution is where people areAnd how many people are in one area and for what reason

Which shapes are the most stream lined what did you find?

The most streamline shape is the teardrop-shape or the better known as the aerofoil.That is the reason why the airplane body and wings is shaped like a teardrop.This shape reduces air pressure on the object thereby increasing air flow in return increasing the speed of the body.

Is it possible to miss a period by 2 days and still have a negative test result could the test be wrong?

Yes, the test could be wrong, but the most probable answer is that you're late. Bodies aren't clockwork-perfect, and can easily slip 2 days for no obvious reason.

When plotted on a graph a population of field mice over time shows a J shaped curve what does this indicate?

The answer will depend on the time scale covered by the graph and the method used for counting the population. The number of mice foraging when there are babies will depend on the availability of food: if it is easy they will not wish to spend time outdoors, for example. On a longer time scale it might show that the population fell for some reason. This could be lack of food or of predators that were successful. In the first case, the smaller population in the following period could be supported by local food resources and so the population recovered. The case of over-predation would lead to a scarcity of food for the predator and so their numbers would decline. This would allow the field mice population to recover. More detailed local knowledge is required before anything can be deduced from the information. Finally, it could simply be that a local farmer used powerful pesticides and that these killed the predators who ate poisoned field mice! Or the farmer was replaced by one who was less mercenary.

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What is scientific reason behind deteroitation of taj mahal?

its nothing but the increasing population and traffic.

Why is demand for energy increasing?

What is one reason for the increasing demand for rubber? Its use as a waterproofing agent Because the worlds population is increasing, and more people need more power.

Why is energy demand increasing?

What is one reason for the increasing demand for rubber? Its use as a waterproofing agent Because the worlds population is increasing, and more people need more power.

The US population is getting older for two reasons one reason is that life expectancy is increasing The second reason is?

There is a long term slowdown in the birthrate.

Why is the Muslim population increasing?

The Muslim population is increasing for the same reason that, say, the Christian or Jewish population is increasing. Muslims want to get married and have children like many other people do. As an aside, it could be argued that these three groups, Muslims, Christians and Jews, have more basic things in common than they have differences.

What is the probable reason for the stability of noble gases?


What is Uttarakhand's population?

Uttarakhand population is estimated to be 11.64 Million and of the main reason of this increasing population is the Growth of real sector in Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand has a lots of good properties. Ambika Divinity Haridwar is also representing the finest flats in Haridwar. So overall, real estate is the main reason for this population rise.

Decrease in fox population is a result in?

There are many contributing factors that could be the cause for a decrease in fox population. Over population, not enough food, disease, or over hunting or poaching any of these could be the reason for a decrease in the population.

What can be the most probable reason for having fractures?

Weak Bones

Why is the elderly prison population increasing?

Two reasons: First, the same reason the rest of the population is aging; baby boomers aging and falling birth rates. Second, longer prison sentences.

How do you remove the governer from a polaris predator 90?

Don't do it, it is there for a reason.

The police need to have a reason to search your property. What is this idea called?

Probable cause