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876 divided by 21. You can use your knowledge of the base 10 system to say: 21X10=210(too small)

21X20=420(still too small)

21X30=630(let me subtract 876-630=246, I'm getting close)

21X40=840 and when I subtract I get a remainder of 36. I can make 1 more group of 21. 36-21=15. So my answer is 41 with a remainder of 15.

You can use multiples of 100,100, etc. for larger numbers.

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Q: What is the multiples of 10-strategy for division?
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What are the multiples of 3 to multiples of 5?

It is not possible it has to be an even number.Plus it has no times or division numbers.

Is the set of multiples of 5 closed under division?


What is the basis of the metric measuring system?

Multiplication and division by 10 and its multiples.

What is 132 divisible by?

Division by "?" is not a legitimate mathematical operation!

What are two division problems using multiples of 21?

84/42 = 2 210/21 = 10

What is a method of dividing in which multiples of the divisor are subtracted from thee dividendand then the quoitents are added together are called?

Long division

Is tangent sine divided by cosine?

Yes, except at odd multiples of pi/2 radians, where the cosine is zero so that the division is not defined.

What are the compatible numbers and multiples of 10 to estimate the qoutient of 31200?

"Quotient" implies that there is some sort of division going on. I don't see any evidence of that.

How do multiples relate to division?

I hope that by multiples you mean multiplication.So, take a variable x, then multiply it by ... 2, for example. You now have 2x. Now, divide 2x by two, you have x. When you think about it, division and multiplication don't seem to be direct opposites of each other (like + and -), but if you think more about it, you'll see they are. Proof: 10+2-2=10 and 10x2:2=10

What is the difference between dividing 16 by 2 and finding the square roots of 16?

The answer to the division is a number (8) that can be added to itself to make 16. The answer to the square root is a number (-4 or +4) that can be multiplied by itself to make 16.

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They are all multiples.

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They are all the multiples of 16.They are all the multiples of 16.They are all the multiples of 16.They are all the multiples of 16.