What is the name for a 3 sided shape?

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Typically this is called a triangle. :)

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Q: What is the name for a 3 sided shape?
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57 sided shape?

The name for a 57 sided shape is derived by combining the name for a 50 sided shape with the name for a 7 sided shape. A 57 sided shape is called a pentacontaheptagon.

What is the name for the 8 sided shape?

An octagon is an 8 sided 2 dimensional shape. A cylinder with the base of a hexagon (6 sided shape) would be an 8 sided 3 dimensional shape.

Name of 5 sided shape?

A 5-sided 2-dimensional figure is a pentagon and a 5-sided 3-dimensional shape is a pentahedron.

What is the name of a tweleve sided shape?

The name of a tweleve sided shape is a dodecagon.

What is the name of 51-59 sided polygon?

The name of a 51 sided polygon is Pentaconhenagon. The name of a 52 sided polygon is Pentacondigon. The name of a 53 sided polygon is Pentacontrigon. The name of a 54 sided polygon is Pentacontetragon. The name of a 55 sided polygon is Pentaconpentagon. The name of a 56 sided polygon is Pentaconheptagon. The name of a 57 sided polygon is Pentaconhexagon. The name of a 58 sided polygon is Pentaconoctagon. The name of a 59 sided polygon is Pentaconenneagon.

Name of a 11 sided 3D shape?

a henagon is an 11 sided 2-D shape and a 3-D is called an hendecahedron.

What is a 3 to 4 sided shape called?

A 3 sided shape is a triangle. A 4 sided shape could be a square or rectangle.

What is the name of a ten sided shape?

Decagon. A decagon is the name of a ten sided shape.

Name of a 10 sided shape?

A 10-sided shape is a decagon.

What is The name for a 22-sided shape?

icosikaidigon is a 22 sided shape

What is the name of 50 sided shape?

A Pentacontagon is a fifty sided shape ...

What part of speech is triangle?

It is a noun- the name for a 3 sided shape.

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