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Q: What is the name of a white pill that is shaped like the capital letter D has an D on one side and the number ten on the other side?
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Define V and V?

yes that is the letter v in capital (V) and lower case (v) the capital letter is bigger and the other way around!

Differnce between Internet and Internet?

first begins with capital letter and other with small letter!

What letter does more capital cities start with than any other?


What is the routing number for Capital One Bank in Texas?

The routing number for Capital One Bank in Texas is 111901014. There are many other routing numbers and they vary by location of the Capital One Bank.

Are the lines in the capital letter L parallel?

No because there is no other line parallel to I

Why does a complete sentence need a capital letter at the beginning?

because other wise it would look dumb

What type of venomous snake has an oval shaped head and round eyes?

The coral snake as well as a number of other elapids, such as the mamba, have an oval-shaped head and round pupils.

What is a capital letter?

It is the process of converting income into a value indication.It is the classification of certain expenditure, such as major plant, property or equipment etc , not as a direct running expense related to current turnover, but as expenditure where the value is retained by the business beyond the end of the current year of trading.It the name given to the writing style of the English language which requires that the first letter of some words are always written with capital letters.Examples of English language 'capitalization':When I met first met Peter Smith he was living in New York.

Does mr start with a capital letter in a middle of a sentence?

Yes just like Ms and other things of that sort.

Why is pronoun you written in capital letter?

In English, the pronoun "you" is typically written with a capital letter to differentiate it from the pronoun "you" in other languages that may be spelled differently. It is a convention that has been followed for clarity and consistency in written communication.

How do you prove that a credit card received by Capital One Bank is an unsecured credit card?

Other than asking CapOne for a letter, it is unlikely that you can.

What is the difference between capital and capitol?

A Capitol, building in which a state legislature meets. A Capital is a city regarded as being of special eminence. --------------------- This capitol is the building and this capital is like a capital letter or the centre of government in a county, state, province or country . . . and a capital letter is capitolized bigger and bolder like this . . . Aa Bb Cc the small "a" that is not capitalized looks like this . . . "a". The capitalized letter a looks like this A. ---------------------- Capitol - has a dOor. It's the only one with an O. All the other uses of the same sounding word uses an A before the L. Capital - is Money and it's my pal. Capital - is what is the head of a state or country, Washington DC is the Capital of the US, and also the place where the US Capitol Building resides.