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No because there is no other line parallel to I

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Q: Are the lines in the capital letter L parallel?
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What capital letters appears to have parallel lines Is it D or L or N or it is T?

It is the capital letter N that has vertical parallel lines.

Which capital letter does not appear to have parallel or perpendicular C L N Z?

It is C which has no perpendicular or parallel lines

Are the lines in the capital l parallel or perpendicular?

I, the top and bottoms lines are parallel, but the vertical line is perpendicular to the top and bottom lines.

H many parallel lines in F and W?

Two parallel lines, so one pair of parallel lines. Which are the two horizontal lines in F. Parallel lines just have the same slope, so they will never touch. So l l are parallel lines.

Does parallel mean the same?

No. parallel means: extending in the same direction, equidistant at all points, and never converging or diverging: parallel rows of trees. for example: these lines are parallel l l these lines are not / l

Does the uppercase letter L demonstrate parallel or perpendicilar lines?

Perpendicular perpendicilar Parallel means that they are next to each other without ever intersecting. Perpendicular is two lines that intersect at a 90 degree angle, like the corner of a room or the uppercase L.

Which capital letter has horizontal lines and oblique line segment?


How do you negate the euclidean parallel postulate?

Assume there are no lines through a given point that is parallel to a given line or assume that there are many lines through a given point that are parallel to a given line. There exist a line l and a point P not on l such that either there is no line m parallel to l through P or there are two distinct lines m and n parallel to l through P.

Line l is parallel to line m line l is perpendicular to line p what conclusions can be drawn about the relationship between lines m and p?

Lines are parallel if they are perpendicular to the same line. Since the lines m and l are parallel (given), and the line l is perpendicular to the line p (given), then the lines m and p are perpendicular (the conclusion).

What alphabet letter has perpendicular lines?

Perpendicular lines meet at right angles and in the alphabet in capital letters they are E T F H and L

What makes a set of lines parallel?

2 symetrical (the same) lines opposite each other like this -> l l or / / or ___ ____

How many lines of symmetry does the letters L have?

The capital letter L has zero. It's not symmetrical no matter how you slice it. The lowercase letter l has two, one horizontal and one vertical.