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It is the "Prime Meridian" or the "0 degree Meridian" which is the basis for calculating time in most of the world.

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Q: What is the name of the imaginary line at 0 degrees longitude which passes through GreenwichEngland?
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Zero degrees longitude is represented by this imaginary line which runs through greenwichengland?

the prime meridian

What imaginary cricle run through GreenwichEngland and divides western and eastern hemispheres?

That's the imaginary cricle comprised of the Prime Meridian and the meridian of 180 degrees longitude.

The meridian 0 degrees longitude that runs thought north and south pole through greenwichengland is?

The Prime Meridian.

What is the longitude that passes through GreenwichEngland called?

The Prime Meridian.

What imaginary line on the globe do longitude lines measure?

Longitude lines measure how far (in degrees) you are East or West of the Prime Meridian (which is a longitude line that runs through Greenwich, England and is designated as 0° longitude).

0 degrees is the what and 0 degrees longitude is the what?

It means any place on a certain imaginary line on the Earth's surface. The imaginary line is the one between the north and south poles that passes through a certain place in a certain suburb of London, England. The longitude of any place on Earth is measured east or west from that line. The longitude of every point on the line is zero.

What is the imaginary line assing through greenwich near London?

The Prime Meridian, ie 0 degrees east/west

Longitude is measured in degrees east and west of which meridian?

The imaginary line is called the Prime Meridian.

What is the definition of the word longitude?

Distance that is measured in degrees east or west of an imaginary line running north and south through the town of greenwich, England.

Does prime meridian run through greenwichengland?


How would you describe the Prime Meridian?

-- Origin of longitude -- Zero degrees longitude -- Boundary between Eastern and Western Hemispheres -- Greenwich Meridian

When does the earth rotates through 360 degrees longitude?

The Earth rotates through 360 degrees longitude every 24 hours.