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A trend line.

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Q: What is the name of the line that does not connect the dots but shows a general trend?
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Why is it preferable to draw a line of best fit rather than to connect the dots?

show a trend

How do you connect 25 dots using 8 lines?

Just connect the dots.

What do you call a drawing with lines and dots?

Connect the Dots

How do you connect five dots with9 dots?

Dots cannot be connected with dots. It takes lines.

Why should you draw a smooth line that reflects the general pattern rather than automatically connect the data points?

A line of best fit emphasizes the overall trend shown by all the data taken as a whole whereas if you just "connect the dots", the lines could be all over the place.

How do you connect 9 dots with 2 lines?

It depends on where the dots are located.

Is connect the dots a game?


Why do ladybugs have dots?

The Number of dots shows what kind of ladybug it is

Connect the dots with only 3 lines?

Send in the dots. We're ready.

How do you connect nine dots with one line?

Put all of the dots in a straight line.

How do you connect 16 dots 4x4 square with one line?

it does not say you can move the dots

How do you connect 16 dots to 6 straight lines?

That would depend on the position of the dots.

What actors and actresses appeared in Connect the Dots - 2012?

The cast of Connect the Dots - 2012 includes: Devon Gadzinski as Interviewer Maura Mansfield as Maura

How do you connect 6 dots?

It depends entirely on the layout of the dots and whether the lines need to be straight.

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Why is it don't you connect the dots when making a graph?

It is improper to connect the dots on a graph because experimental data never makes a straight line. the dots in a graph (points) are not guaranteed to be right. hopes this helps SR. :)

When do you connect the dots on a graph?

You only connects dots an a graph when the variable is in constant movement never stopping.

Can you connect 16 dots with six straight line?


When do you not connect the dots on a graph?

When you have numbers on the graph the are not whole numbers.

What does dot-connecting mean?

Connect-the-Dots is a simple puzzle for children, in which a picture can be formed by drawing a line between a series of numbered dots. If you "connect the dots," you make a logical connection between facts in order to arrive at a solution.

How do you use the word connect?

Let me connect you with an excellent contact person. It should be relatively easy to connect the dots. That street will connect with the street we want.

Where can one download Connect The Dots sheets for children?

There are several websites where an individual can download Connect The Dots sheets for children. Examples would include Print Activities and Raising Our Kids.

How can you connect four dots shaped like a square without lifting the pen?

you join the dots without lifting your pen.

What does it mean if you doodle random dots and then connect them?

um....... it means you have learned how to play join the dots but seriously i dont know:(