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The real number system is the set of numbers on a regular number line. This includes rational and Irrational Numbers. The imaginary numbers start appearing when you do science, engineering, and electricity.

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Q: What is the name of the number system you use in everyday math?
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What is the math name for the fifth number after the decimal?


Which word is used to name the bold number in math?

There is not a specific word that is used to bold a number in a math equation. Generally, a number or letter is not bold in a math equation, if a letter is of significance, it is normally capitalized.

What is another name for base in math?

Another name for base is the number on the bottom of the triangle.

What is the name of the math sequence where you add every odd number?

Perfect squares.

What is a goggle in math terms?

google is a name of a number that has a millian zeros at the end

What is the math rule about a number multiplied by one equals the original number?

That's it! That's the man's name. That's who's name. Yes.

What number system is based on number 3?

Trinary would be the name of a base 3 number system.

Math trivia for number one?

name the only natural number that is neither prime nor composite? Answer is ONE

What is the name for the American number system?

The American number system is called the Hindu Arabic system and is the numbers 0123456789

What is the name of The number of different digits which can occur in each position in the number system?

For the decimal number system . . . 'Ten'. For the binary number system . . . 'Two' For the octal number system . . . 'Eight' For the hexidecimal number system . . . 'Sixteen' . . etc.

What is the name of the Number system used to represent any number as a 1 or a 0?

A number system used to represent any number by a 1 or a zero is a binary system or a base 2 number system.

What the name of your number system?