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Q: What is the name of the property that allows us to add a number on both sides of an equal sign?
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What is the multiplicative property of equality?

States that two sides of an equation remain equal if multiplied by the same number. usually seen algebraically as: if a = b, then ac = bc this is the property that allows you to "move" a number to the other side of the equation by multiplying or dividing both sides by the same number.

The definition of division property of equality?

I think its a property in which both sides of an equation are equal either by adding, subtracting, multiplication, or division.

What is the addition property of equality?

The Addition Property of Equality states that if you add the same number to both sides of an equation the two sides remain equal. Source- My mathbook.

What is the property that you can subtract the same number from both sides of an equation the new equation will have the same solution?

The property is: If equals are subtracted from equals, the results are equal.

What is the unique property of a square?

all of its sides are equal

What is addition property of equality?

adding the same number to each side of an equation, while two sides remain equal

What angle property do parallelograms have?

Opposite angles/sides are equal.

Why is additive identity property important?

It is the number 0. The identity property allows you to solve equations. If you want to remove a term from one side of an equation to add its additive inverse to both sides.

What property applies to a rhombus?

-- A rhombus has four sides. -- All four sides are equal. -- Opposite sides are parallel.

What property allows water to stick to the sides of a vertical glass tube?


How many shapes have all equal sides lengths?

An infinite number. A polygon with any number of sides can be equilateral (ie have sides of equal length).

Does the number of sides equal the number of angles? what?