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Q: What is the name of the regular solid whose surface area is 4 times the radius squared?
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Solid whose surface area is 4pie times the area squared?

The surface area of the 'sphere' is four times the area of a 'great circle',or (4 pi) times the RADIUS squared.

How do you find the surface area of two similar solids?

you put: a squared over b squared = surface area of the smaller solid over surface area of the bigger solid

Characteristic of solid sphere?

It has a surface area of: 4*pi*radius squared It has a volume of: 4/3*pi*radius cubed

Volume of cylindrical solid?

πr2h or the radius squared multiplied by pi multiplied by the vertical height of the cylinder.

What is the measure of the number of square units needed to cover the outside of a figure or solid expressed in units squared.?

It is the surface area of the solid.

What is a measure of the number of square units needed to cover the outside of a figure or solid expressed in units squared?

surface area

How do you measure surface area?

There are different formulas for different shapes, so I'll provide you with a few common ones. Cylinder Sides: Pi x diameter x height Top/bottom: Pi x radius squared Cone Sides: Pi x radius x slant Top/bottom: Pi x radius squared Sphere: Pi x radius squared x 4 Pyramid (square base) Sides: Slant x Base x 2 Top/Bottom: Base squared Rectangular Prism L x W + W x H + H x L=____x2 (Rectangular Solid)

Which Solid figure has 0 vertex and 1 flat surface?

The only regular solid with a single flat surface is a sphere. (A Mobius strip also comes to mind.)

What is the is the area of a cylinder?

there is no area. it is called surface area which is =2(pi)rh+2(pi)r(squared). this is the total surface are of a SOLID cylinder. for an open or hollow one it is =2(pi)rh+(pi)r(squared)

Definition of solid angle?

solid angle is the ratio of the intercepted area dA of the spherical surface , described about the apex O as the centre ,to square of its radius r

What is total surface area of solid hemisphere of radius r?

It is in square units: (2*pi*radius2)+(pi*radius2)

What is a steradian?

A steradian is the solid angle subtended at the centre of a sphere by radius r by a portion of the surface of the sphere which has area r2.

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