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Q: What is the number of three quarters of 48?
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Related questions

How do you do three quarters of 48?

48 times three, divide by four...

What is three-quarters of 64?

It is: 48

How many quarters in 12?

There are three quarters in 12...

What of 48 equals 36?

Three quarters or 75% or 0.75 of 48 all give 36.

What is three quarters of 64?


What is three quarters of sixty four?

3/4 * 64 = 48

What is 195 4?

195 4 is 48.75 or 48 and three quarters.

What is three-quarters of sixty four?

It is: 3/4 of 64 = 48

What are three-quarters of sixty-four?

3/4 of 64 = 48

What is one whole and three quarters to the nearest whole number?

The nearest whole number to one and three quarters is two.

Half is a number is 20 find three quarters of the number?

If half of the number is 20, then the number must be 2 * 20 = 40. Therefore three quarters of the number would be 3 * (40/4) = 30.

What is the square root of 27 over 48?

sqrt(27/48) = 3/4 or three quarters.

What number is three quarters of 75?


How many quarters are in three quarters?

There are three quarters in three quarters.

How do you write three quarters as numbers?

The number representation for the fraction three quarters (three fourths) is 3/4. (The digital value is 0.75)

If 3 quarters cost 48 pence how much does half cost?

You can see that you have to multiply the number of quarters by 16 to get the number of pence. Since you know a "half" is 2 quarters, multiply by 16 : 2 * 16 = 32 pence

How did you pronounce mixed number?

An example of a mixed number is: three and three quarters which is 3 and 3/4

How do you turn 3.75 into a fraction?

The number 3.75 is equal to three and three quarters.

Three quarters of a number is 48 what is the number?

48 / 3 = 1616 * 4 = 64.

Three quarters of 48?

48:4 = 12 12x3 = 36 48x(3/4) =36

How many quarters are in 12 dollars?

There are 4 quarters to a dollar so there are 4 X 12 = 48 quarters in twelve dollars.

How do you work out three quarters of something?

You can work out three quarters of something by dividing by the numerator (bottom number) which would be 4 by the number you are finding three quarters of. Then you would times the answer of that by the denominator (Top number) and you will have the answer. For example: 3/4 of 60 60 divided by 4 = 15 15 times 3 = 45 So, 3/4 of 60 = 45 Or you could find a quarter of the number and take the quarter away from the whole number.

What number is halfway between 1 and a quarter and 1 in three quarters?

Halfway between one and a quarter and one and three quarters lies one and a half.

How much money is 48 lbs of quarters?

One pound is 80 quarters, or $20. A full 48 pounds is $960.

What number lies between 1 and three quarters?