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There is no number right before infinity. One could say that the number before infinity is "infinity minus one", but you cannot use normal subtraction with infinity. Infinity - 1 is still mathematically defined as infinity, as is Infinity + 1.

Perhaps the question is referring to the largest number with its own name (other than infinity, which, as previously stated, is not technically a number). A googol is often cited as this number. A googol is defined to be a 1 with a hundred zeroes after it.

Alternatively, a googolplex might qualify for the title of largest number with its own name, being a 1 with a googol zeroes after it.

A couple of quick side notes are in order here:

There are not a googolplex atoms in the visible universe. It is an extremely big number.

The search engine company Google named their company after a googol, because of vast amount of information that they process and organize.

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Q: What is the number right before infinity?
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What is the number before infinity?

Infinity is not a real number, it is an expression used to determine a continuous cycle that goes on forever, so there cannot be a number before infinity.

What number comes before infinite?

Infinity is an imaginary number so if you meant the previous whole number to infinity it would be expressed as infinity minus one. If you meant the highest number possible before reaching infinity is would be: infinity - 1/infinity

What is number before infinity?

type in world's largest number under infinity and there is the answer

What is the number before negative infinity?

Negative infinity plus one.

What number comes before infinity?

There is actually no such thing as infinity, the numbers go on forever..........................and ever....................................:0

What number is more than infinity?

There is no number greater than infinity. Infinity is defined to be greater than any number, so there can not be two numbers, both infinity, that are different.However, when dealing with limits, one can approach a non-infinite value for a function involving infinity. Take, for example, 2x divided by x, when x is infinity. That value is indeterminate, because infinity divided by infinity is defined as indeterminate, and 2 times infinity is still infinity.But, if you look at the limit of 2x divided by x, as x approaches infinity, you do get a value, and that value is 2. This does not mean that 2x when x is infinity is twice infinity, it just means that, right before x becomes infinity, the ratio is right before 2.Infinity should not be thought of as a number, but rather as a direction. Whereas a number represents a specific quantity, infinity does not define given quantity. (If you started counting really fast for billions of years, you would never get to infinity.) There are, however, different "sizes of infinity." Aleph-null, for example, is the infinity that describes the size of the natural numbers (0,1,2,3,4....) The infinity that describes the size of the real numbers is much larger than aleph-null, for between any two natural numbers, there are infinite real numbers.Anyway, to improve upon the answer above, it is not meaningful to say "when x is infinity," because, as explained above, no number can "be" infinity. A number can approach infinity, that is to say, get larger and larger and larger, but it will never get there. Because infinity is not a number, there is no point in asking what number is more than infinity.

Has anyone counted to infinity before?

No. Because infinity is not actually a number, but rather an indication of a limitless amount, it is mathematically impossible to count to infinity.

What is a number line?

The number line is simply a line (never-ending) that contains all the numbers from negative infinity (on the left) to infinity (on the right).

What whole number is after infinity?

Infinity is not a number and so there is no whole number after infinity.

The number before infinity?

Infinity itself isn't a number in the conventional sence therefore not only is there everything before it there is nothing Ie. If 10,000 were the value of infinity I could add 1 to it and that would become infinity so unless somebody finds the point at which numbers stop ascending there will never be a value before infinity, find ding that point is impossible because as I have said before if you pick a number you can always add 1 to it.

Is infinity a rational number?

Infinity is not a number in the ordinary sense of the word.

What is infinity plus infinity?


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