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6x is the numerator

9z is the denominator

The numerator is the number on the top of the fraction and the denominator in the number on the bottom of the fraction.

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Q: What is the numerator and denominator of 6x over 9z?
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What is 2x plus 9z plus 6x?

8x + 9z

What is the answer to 6x plus 5y plus 5z-4x plus 4z-6y?

The above expression simplifies to 2x-y+9z

What is the LCM of 3z and 9z?

Since 9z is a multiple of 3z, it is automatically the LCM.

12x-4y plus 9z plus 2y?

12x-4y+9z+2y =12x-2y+9z

9z plus 8 equals 3z-10?

9z+8 = 3z-10 9z-3z = -10-8 6z = -18 z = -3

What is 9z plus 10 equals 145?

well you should start with 9z + 10 = 145 then balance the equation by collecting like terms 9z = 145 - 10 solve 9z = 135 then divide both sides by the number next to the variable. (in this case 9) so 9z/9 = 135/9 solve z = 15

Simplify the expression -y plus 9z-16y-25z?

-y+9z-16y-25z= -y-19y+9z-25z= -20y-16z There you go, are you happy. p.s it was easy (im 13yr)

Z plus 8 times z minus 7?

It's 9z-7. because: you do the 8 times z first (8z) then add the z, (9z), then minus 7. 9z-7

What is the answer to 9z equals 5z plus 16?

The following steps lead you to the correct answer: 9z = 5z + 16 9z - 5z = 16 4z = 16 z = 4, thus the correct answer is z = 4

What is the age of your Browning Auto 5 Light 20 with serial prefix 9Z?

the 9Z prefix dates your browning to 1959.

What is the answer to -44-9z equals -31-3z?

The "answer" is the number that 'z' must be in order to make the statement true.Here's a systematic procedure to find out what the number is:-44 - 9z = -31 - 3zAdd 31 to each side of the equation:-13 - 9z = -3zAdd 9z to each side:-13 = 6zDivide each side by 6 :-13/6 = z

What does 9z plus -5z equals 30 plus 1z equal?

9z-5z = 30+z 3z = 30 z = 10