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Q: What is the object used for math to divide add and subtract?
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What is an algebraic expression used in math?

It can be known as: Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract...and more.

How are fractions used in math?

Often in Math, fractions are used to add, subtract, multiply, divide, or indicate the magnitude of measurements that will be involved in those operations. They can be used as numbers whenever the authentic number is not an integer.

What were the use of calculators?

calculators are used to add,subtract,multipy and divide difficult math equations.It's also used for some kick-ass entertainment!THERE!you dam idiots!!!!!!!!!!

What is a machine used to multiply?

a calculator they can also add, subtract, and divide.

What modern day invention was used to subtract add divide and multiply?

a caculator

What can an arithometer do?

used a step drum technique to add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

How is math used in football?

You have to add or subtract the points gained and you have to add the completion of yards.

How is math related to banking?

math is a main part in banking. you have to add, subtract, and divided. all these things must be used in banking.

How is math used in hotel management?

it is use in a hotel management when for example some body check-in,in the hotel then that person needs to pay so you need mathematics so you can subtract,add,divide,multiply the payments

Whast are the four operations that can be used in math expressions in Alice?

add / subtract / multiple and divde

What math skill is used as a zoo keeper?

Add minus times divide

How is math related to rocks and minerals?

Math allows for the calculation and prediction of the density/ mass/ weight/ force of on object. All science depends on math in someway. Also, math can also be used to calculate the molecules and atom in the mineral/ object.

What is 07 of 2.54?

If you are looking for the answer for the math problem that states .07 of 2.54, the answer is 36.28. When the word of is used in a math problem, it means to divide.

Do you divide or times in maths when x is used?

When an X is used in a math problem, it means to times the numbers together!

How is Mathematics used in Acounting?

you have to use math in acounting for alot of things . like you have to know how to add and subtract and alot more

The word difference is a keyword for multiplication problems True or false?

The keyword difference is not used for multiplication. It is used when you need to subtract numbers in a math problem.

What are the mathematical functions in SQL?

Multiply function is basically used in SQL.after that if we want to add,subtract,divide,module then we can also do this.

What does interior angles mean in math?

its the inner angle of the object. DEGREES must be used

Why would it be easier if all Americans used the metric system for dosage calculations?

Because it keeps you from having to divide, multiply, and subtract

Does division have more then one symbol in math?

yes the original divide sign and this / sometimes used on a calculater

What can the mean be used for in math?

the mean is the average, averaging requires you to add all data up and divide by the # of addends

How does an architect use algebra?

Algebra is used to measure and find the length, width, and height of an object. And you can use math to calculate the amount of building pieces used to make the full object.

What formula is used to convert fahrenheit to celsius?

The formula that is used to convert Fahrenheit degrees to Celsius is take the Fahrenheit temperature, subtract 32, then multiply by 5 and then divide by 9.

What is the reason for the relation of maths in nature?

1.the reason for the relation of maths in nature is that mathematics or math is needed in our daily lifelike this song hope you like it there is math in every day life in every day life we can add and subtract multiply and divide there is math in every day life in every day life..... in any place, we used math.......... 2.relation of maths and nature..... in everything we see in our nature are have commitment because they are many questions in our life how they formed, who do this things. all of this questions can answered in mathematics

What does multiple and factor mean in math?

the multiple means the number used to multiply. And the factor means a number to multiply or divide by