What is the oldest calculator?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is the oldest calculator?
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Name something you can do on even the oldest of computers?

Word Processing, Email, Print, Play Solitaire, Use Calculator

Where was the first caclulator invented?

The oldest calculator, the abacus, was invented in ancient Egypt(unknown date). The first Mechanical calculator, known as the Calculating clock, was invented by Willhelm Schickard in 1623. The first electronic desktop calculator were announced by the Bell Punch Co, in Uxbridge England in 1961. Finally, the first handheld computer was invented in 1980.

Can a Texas instrument graphing calculator also be used as a scientific calculator?

A Texas Instruments graphing calculator can be used as a basic calculator, a scientific calculator and a graphing calculator.

What is pocket calculator?

pocket calculator is a calculator that we keep in our pocket

Do you get a calculator for the EOC's?

Yes for the calculator active but not for the calculator inactive.

Where is the on a calculator?

fitness calculator

How is present day calculator different from leibnizs calculator?

difference between present day calculator and leibniz calculator

How do you shutdown calculator?

On normal calculator, press 'Off'. If your calculator doesn't have this button, the calculator will turn off automatically after some time. On scientific calculator, press 'shift' and press 'AC'. (depends on your version of the calculator)

Where can I find a reliable free calculator?

Both Windows and Apple computers come with a free calculator. The Windows calculator also includes a scientific calculator and programmer's calculator.

What is a footprint calculator?

Footprint calculator can be carbon footprint calculator or ecological footprint calculator, which can give data about your impact on environment.

A certain calculator cannot fuction when there is no light what kind calculator?

solar calculator

Where can I find a calculator that will compute billions?

you can find a calculator in a calculator store that have technpology