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Computer Science A+++

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What is the open compound I'm taking computer science and math class next semester?

Computer Science A+++

You are taking a computer science and math class next semester?

computer science

Is it is worth by taking commerce accountancy economics and computer science?

is it worth by taking commerce accountancy economics and computer science

Can you become computer engineer by taking commerce with computer science?

i can ensure that to you ,cause i asked many people myself too.good luck if you're taking computer engineering.

Is computer science fun or not?

No computer science is not nice u would mostly like doing science in your class and do some activity that can be about science like a project and do things like taking paint, flour and card board to do a skeleton system.

How many hours are in a semester of college?

It depends on how many classes you are taking at a time, and how many hours each class represents. For example, science classes usually stand for 4 semester hours and English classes usually stand for 3 semester hours. If you took only those classes, your hours in a semester would be 7.

In a group of 150 students more students are taking a math class than are taking a science class this semester If 80 are taking a science class and 25 are not tking either math or science this semes?

150-80=70-20=50 80+50+20=150 150-80=70-20=50 80+50+20=150

The aspect of computer science that deals with computers taking on attributes of humans is called?

Artificial Intelligence

How many classes are you taking this semester?


Que clases Tomas este semestre?

= 'What classes are you taking this semester?' Possible answer: 'Tomo clases de (ingles, frances, matematicas, geografia, ciencia, etc.)' = 'I am taking classes in (English, French, maths, geography, science, etc.)

What classes should you take to major in IT?

I would recommend taking Computer Science and Math at a high-school level.

What classes are better for taking a natural science requirement?

Computer Sciences are best. its popular out there, and companies need employees!

How would you define concurrency and recovery?

Concurrency is when computer science and the system works together. Recovery is taking the time to heal.

Where could one learn what the parts of a computer are?

One could learn what the different parts of a computer are by taking a class in computer science. These classes are offered at many universities including local community colleges.

What is a sentence for Carpentry?

I'm taking a class in carpentry next semester.

What are some examples of Zoology?

I am taking my first class in zoology this semester.

What is and is not science?

Science is not Science and not Science isScience

How is mathematics related to computer science?

It is related to computers because it uses a special code. What you see isn't what the computer see. Also because when ur computer is loading a website it is taking a data code from the website domain.

Uses of computer in computer engineering?

Like many engineering classes require, computer engineering should be taking with prerequisites of electrical engineering. Computers in this field are used for the curriculum. The difference between computer engineering and computer science is that computer engineering deals with the hardware of a computer, or all the things you can see when you open a computer up, like the motherboard or hardrive. comp science deals with the software such as programs like Microsoft word for example

Cuantas clases Tomas este semestre?

How many classes are you taking this semester?

How many minimum credit hours are required per semester?

To be classified as a full time student you must be taking at least 12 credit hours a semester.

What was mark zuckerberg's major at Harvard?

Mark Zuckerberg's major at Harvard was actually Psychology though he loved programming and ended up taking a lot of computer science courses. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense how he mapped people relationships to computer science with something like Facebook.

How can a person become a computer software engineer?

There are three steps to becoming a computer software engineer. First, high school preparation involves taking several math classes such as algebra and calculus. Second, getting a degree in Computer Science. Finally, taking extra college curriculum such as personal research and developing contacts with software engineers.

How can you do engineering in computers by taking commerce?

If you are to enter the commerce stream, the closest you can come to being a computer professional (by way of degree) is by selecting commerce subjects such as Commerce, Accounts, Mathematics and Statistics in your junior college years. That combination of commerce subjects allows you to apply for a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

How much is tuition for a semester at DeVry University?

Your tuition will depend on the number of credits you are taking, as Devry charges by the credit. Credits 1-11 are $570 each per semester, and credits 12 and above are $360 each per semester.