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Q: In a survey of 43 college students it was found that 16 were taking an English class 17 were taking a math class and 10 were taking both English and math How many students were taking a math class?
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If you were a college professor taking a survey of how many hours of homework students were assigned which visual tool would you use if you organized students in hour ranges?

I would use a histogram.

100 students at a University it was found that59 students are taking a Math course 51 students are taking an English course 35 students are taking a History course 24 are taking Math and English cours?

students are taking more than one class

A school has a total enrollment of 90 students there are 30 students taking physics 25 taking English and 13 taking both what percentage of the students are taking either physics or English?


What can you benefit from taking college algebra?

College Algebra is the required math for allcollege students. What you benefit from it depends on what degree you want to get from college.

Which of the following groups of students would most likely benefit from taking a clep exam?

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Why do college teachers assume that the students know everything?

Speaking as a professor, I never assume students know everything. However, I do expect they have the appropriate foundation that led to them taking my course, and the basic skills required for all college level students.

Is an iPad suitable for taking notes in college?

iPads are very suitable for taking notes in college. In addition to saving trees, many classes will allow lecture notes and presentations readily available online for students to download. After downloading, students can annoate directly onto it.

Should students be able to graduate without taking the science subject?

No, not from High School or from a college or University.

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Which is the last step of taking a survey?

The last step is to explain the results of the survey

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The term "spring break" is generally used to describe college students taking a vacation from college and typically going to the beach to party.