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The power operation, for example:

x = 210 (answer: x = 1024)

has two inverse operations, depending which of the two numbers you have to solve for. To solve for the base if you know the exponent is called calculating the root. For example:

x10 = 1024

This is asking for the tenth root of 1024.

The other inverse is if the exponent is unknown, for example:

2x = 1024

Solving this problem is called calculating the logarithm.

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Q: What is the operation of logarithms?
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What is the inverse operation for exponents?

logarithms. If y = ax then x = logay

What is mathematical operation?

It is a functional relationship which has an input and an output. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, reciprocals, exponentials, logarithms are all examples.

What is the mathematic operation that undoes another mathematic operation?

An inverse operation undoes it's composite operation. For example, Addition and Subtraction are inverses of each other, as are Multiplication and Division, as are Exponentiation and Logarithms, as are Sine and ArcSine, Cosine and ArcCosine, Tangent and ArcTangent, Secant and ArcSecant, Cosecant and ArcCosecant, and Cotangent and ArcCotangent

What is operation on real numbers?

The basic operations are addition (+), subtraction (-), multilpication (*) and division (/). But there are many others, for example, powers and roots, trigonometric functions, exponents and logarithms.

The base of common logarithms?

The base of common logarithms is ten.

What are the misconception in logarithm topic in mathematics?

The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.The main misconception is that logarithms are hard to understand.

Why were logarithms invented?

Logarithms were invented by John Napier who was a mathematician. He invented other things too, so there was no reason why he couldn't invent the logarithms. Logarithms were invented so people could take short cuts to multiplications! :)

Is inverse operations a multiplication or division word?

Not necessarily. The inverse operation of finding a reciprocal is doing the same thing again. The inverse operation of raising a number to a power is taking the appropriate root, the inverse operation of exponentiation is taking logarithms; the inverse operation of taking the sine of an angle is finding the arcsine of the value (and similarly with other trigonometric functions);

When did John Napier invent logarithms?

In 1614, John Napier published his invention of logarithms.

Are logarithms and anti logarithms same?

No, they are opposites, just like multiplication and division are opposites.

Who was it invented?


How are logarithms used in electrical engineering?

Electrical engineers use logarithms to work on signal Decay.