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An inverse operation undoes it's composite operation.

For example, Addition and Subtraction are inverses of each other, as are Multiplication and Division, as are Exponentiation and Logarithms, as are Sine and ArcSine, Cosine and ArcCosine, Tangent and ArcTangent, Secant and ArcSecant, Cosecant and ArcCosecant, and Cotangent and ArcCotangent

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Q: What is the mathematic operation that undoes another mathematic operation?
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An operation that undoes another operation?

This is called an inverse operation.

What operations is the inverse operation of subtraction?

Inverse means opposite. What undoes subtraction? Addition undoes subtraction!

Math question what is inverse operation?

Two operations are said to be inverse if one undoes the action of the other.

What is the operations that undo each other?

Inverse Operations: Divison undoes multiplication. Addition undoes subtraction. Subtraction undoes addition. Multiplication undoes division.

What is radical number?

Another word for square roots is "radicals" which are the opposite operation of exponentiation; You undo a power with a radical, and a radical can undoes a power. For example: 4 is 22 so the square root or radical of 4 is 2.

Pairs of operations that undo each other?

Inverse operations, or opposite operations, undo one another. Subtraction undoes addition (and vice versa), and division undoes multiplication (and vice versa).

What is the inverse of operation mean?

It is a second operation that "undoes" the first.For example, the inverse of "add 2" is "subtract 2";the inverse of "divide by 7" is "multiply by 7";the inverse of "take the reciprocal" is "take the reciprocal".

When was The Night Undoes the Work of the Day created?

The Night Undoes the Work of the Day was created in 2009.

Who is the father of mathematic?


Why you use drop pseudo operation in assembly language program?

In IBM System/360 Assembly 'DROP' undoes 'USING', example: BASR 12,0 USING *,12 ... XR 12,12 DROP 12

What does inverse mean?

The inverse is like its opposite. It "undoes" whatever operation you had performed. So if you have a number and you add 5 to it, the inverse would be to subtract 5 from the answer i.e. addition and subtraction are inverses of each other.

What is 3.24 in mathematic?

It is a rational number.

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