What is the oppisit of part?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is the oppisit of part?
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What is a left angle?

a left angle is the opposite from a right angle :)

What does the analogy part and whole mean?

In each word pair, the first word is a "part" of the second word which is the "whole". Examples: The elbow is part of the arm as the knee is part of the leg. Keys are part of a piano as strings are a part of a violin. A stem is part of a flower the way that a trunk is part of a tree. The hands are part of a clock just as a needle is a part of a speedometer. Notes are part of a song just as words are part of a story. The United States is part of North America just as France is part of Europe. A steering wheel is part of a car the way that a rudder is part of a sailboat. Brush strokes are part of a painting the way that pencil marks are part of a drawing. Sausage is part of a pizza the way that lettuce is part of a taco. Tusks are part of an elephant the way that horns are part of a bull. Lead is part of a pencil the way that ink is part of a pen. Fins are related to a fish the way that wings are related to a bird. A clasp is related to a necklace the way that a buckle is related to a belt. Raindrops are part of a flood the way that snowflakes are part of a blizzard. A week is part of a month the way that a month is part of a year. A blade is part of an ice skate the way that wheels are a part of a roller skate.

Why is a part to part ratio different from a part to whoel ratio?


What part does not name part of a circle?

A line segment or a chord is not a part of a circle.

What was Johannes Kepler part of?

He was part of his family.

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What is a left angle?

a left angle is the opposite from a right angle :)

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