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Q: What is the opposite number from -4?
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On a die what is the opposite number 4?

On a die, the number opposite 4 is 3.

What number is the opposite of - 4?

Opposite, as in additive inverse, is +4. Opposite, as in multiplicative inverse, is -1/4

What is The opposite of a negative number and why?

positive number because on a scale of zero, the negatives are going to the left side and the opposite side has the same number but opposite, in this case, negative 4 is the opposite of 4

What number is opposite 16 on a dart board?


Is the product of a non-zero number and its opposite zero?

The opposite (or inverse) of a number can be defined in a number of different ways. For example, the additive opposite of 4 is -4 but the multiplicative opposite of 4 is 1/4 or 0.25 Since the question concerns the product it would seem more appropriate to use the multiplicative opposite. Then, the product of a number and its opposite will be always 1. Incidentally, the product of a number and its additive opposite will be the negative square of the number. In neither case will it be zero.

Are 8 and 4 opposite integers?

NO, 8 and 4 cannot be opposite integers.Integers can be opposite by the difference in sign conversion of the same number. 8 and -8 are opposite.

Can a negative sign can be read as the opposite of?

It is the sign that is opposite, not the number But if the number magnitude is the same, it is correct to say that ,for example, negative 6 is the opposite of positive six. But negative 4 is not the opposite of negative 8, for example

What is a five digit number that when you divide it by four is the opposite of the number you started with?


Does every number have an opposite?

It depends on what you mean by an opposite. Every real number has an additive opposite but 0 does not have a multiplicative opposite.

What are numbers and their opposites?

A whole number is called an integer. The opposite of a whole number is a negative integer. An example would be 4 and -4.

What is the opposite of a number give an example?

The opposite of a positive number is a negative number. For example, the positive number 5 becomes the negative number -5 (minus five).Both numbers are the same distance either side of zero (-5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

If a number is even then it's opposite is a whole number?

The opposite of an even number is an odd number.