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It is the sign that is opposite, not the number

But if the number magnitude is the same, it is correct to say that ,for example, negative 6 is the opposite of positive six.

But negative 4 is not the opposite of negative 8, for example

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Q: Can a negative sign can be read as the opposite of?
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What is a negative squared by a positive?

Its a negative. same sign with multiplication is positive, opposite is negative.

Can stand for subtraction opposite or negative?

The minus sign.

What is the sign for a nuetron?

the symbol for a neutron is a negative sign and the opposite of a neutron is a proton which is a positive sign.

Is the product or the quotinent of two signed numbers that have opposite signs a positive number or a negative number?

The answer will always be Negative in Sign. If they are the same sign, it will always be Positive in Sign.

How do you add with negative numbers in parentheses?

change the sign and do the opposite operation.

-4 can be read as negative four or the of four?

-4 is the opposite of four.

If i wrote ''the quotient of an integer divided by an integer with an opposite sign takes the sign of the greater absolute value'' what is the error?

The quotient of an integer divided by an integer with the opposite sign is always negative.

How do you show the opposite of negative twelve?

Change the sign to a positive. -12 12

What is the opposite of -98?

98(positive ninety-eight, with no negative sign)

Why is a negative times a positive a negative?

Think of it like this:The product of a negative number times a number (call it B), will be the opposite sign of the sign of number B.The product of a positive number times a number B, will have the same sign as the sign of number B.

Is negative 1 the opposite reciprical of 1?

Yes it is. The reciprocal is 1 divided by the number, and the opposite is to change the sign. -(1/1) = -1 ■

What is one fourth multiplied by negative one?

Anything multiplied by negative one is the same number with the opposite sign. -1 over 4