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The opposite of dilation in math is contraction

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Q: What is the opposite of dilation in math?
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What does dilation mean in math?

To increase in size. You use the dilation property in coordinative graphs.

What is the opposite of dilation?


What are the transformations in math?

translation, reflection, dilation

What is the medical term meaning ureter dilation?

Ureteroectasis is the medical term meaning abnormal dilation of the ureter. Its opposite is ureterostenosis.

Will the center of dilation affect your answer in a math problem?

It depends on the nature of the problem. If, for example, the problem is to calculate 2+3, then the centre of dilation will have no effect whatsoever!

What is the opposite of stenosis?

insufficiency, as in the opposite of aortic stenosis is aortic insufficiency Actually stenosis is narrowing and therefore causes insufficiency. The opposite of stenosis would be dilation.

What is the definition for opposites in math sixth grade math?

The opposite of x is -x.For example,the opposite of three is -3.The opposite of a negative number is positive.Fore example,the opposite of -7 is 7.

What is the opposite of pity?

the opposite of pity is like when you say that is amazing for example: that's a pity that you failed your math test, the opposite is that is awesome that you past the math test.

What is the opposite of geography?


What is opposite in math?


What is the opposite of a power in math?

'The root of'

In math what is the opposite of factor?


What is the opposite of -3.7 math?


What are the three transformations of math?

The 3 transformations of math are: translation, reflection and rotation. These are the well known ones. There is a fourth, dilation, in which the pre image is the same shape as the image, but the same size in the world

Define the concept of opposites in math?

The concept of an opposite is simple. The opposite of a number is a negative. For example, the opposite of 35 is -35.

What operation in math is the opposite of multiplication?


What does the word inverse mean in math?

The opposite of

What is a synonym for opposite in a math term?


What in math is the opposite operation of division?


What does differ mean in math?

it means different opposite antonym

What are Urethral dilation codes based on?

They are based on initial dilation and subsequent dilation.

A problem in Math and you don't know how to solve it. Please help Sometimes a dilation is an enlargement and sometimes it is a reduction Explain what types of numbers for scale factors causes each?

If the dilation is >0 but <1, it is a reduction. If it is any number >1, it is an enlargement.

What is an mira-math?

A mira-math in a type of plastic mirror that shows the picture's opposite, but congruent self

What is a math Converse?

it is the logical "opposite" of a mathematical statement

What is opposite of a variable?

A Real Number. This is a term in math.

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