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Q: What is the opposite of negative 21?
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What is the opposite of -21?

negative means opposite therefore -(-21) = 21 so your answer is 21

What is the opposite of negative?

The opposite of negative is positive

Why is negative multiply negative equal to positive?

Negative in English terms means "opposite." Multiplication can represent "of". So, negative times negative is the "opposite of the opposite." And the opposite of an opposite is the same, hence positive, because "same" is the opposite of "opposite" and positive is the opposite of negative. So if you put it into English words, it actually makes some sense. In essence, negative and negative "cancel out."

What is the opposite of 68?

A question like this is usually referring to the number line. The opposite of 68 would be -68, on the negative side of the number line.

What is the opposite of the absolute value of negative 30?

The opposite is: negative (the absolute value of negative 30).

What is the mathematical terms for opposite of?

opposite of mean "negative" so the opposite of x is negative x or -x.

Can a negative sign can be read as the opposite of?

It is the sign that is opposite, not the number But if the number magnitude is the same, it is correct to say that ,for example, negative 6 is the opposite of positive six. But negative 4 is not the opposite of negative 8, for example

Is the opposite of a negative number sometimes negative?

The question is somewhat ambiguous since you do not define "opposite". If what you are asking is: is the negative of a negative sometimes negative, the answer is: No, never.

If a is negative then -a is positive proof?

if a is bad, then negative bad or not bad is good.-a means the opposite of a. Since a is negative and the opposite of a negative is positive, -a is positive.

What is the opposite of the opposite of negative nine?

The opposite of the opposite is the original value, -9.

Are the product of two opposite numbers positive?

No. The product of two opposite numbers is always negative. Negative x positive = negative and Positive x negative = negative

What is the opposite of positive?

The opposite polarity or charge is negative. The opposite of a numeral or balance is also negative, or deficient. The opposite of (being) positive would be unsure or uncertain.

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