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Inverse is the opposite of proportion

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Q: What is the opposite of proportion?
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What is the product of numerators and opposite denominators in a proportion called?

The answer is cross products.

How do you find the ratio of two adjacent side lengths in a triangle?

They are in the same proportion as the sines of the angles that are opposite them.

What are the 4 types of proportion?

direct proportion indirect proportion additive proportion partitive proportion

What is definition of inverse and direct proportion?

Direct proportion means as the independent variable increases, the dependent variable increases, and vice versa. Inverse propostion means just the opposite. As the independent variable increses, the dependent variable decreases, and vice versa.

What is a statement of equality between two ratios called?

... a proportion.... a proportion.... a proportion.... a proportion.

Definition of indirect proportion?

Indirect proportion is more famously known as Inverse Proportion. Inverse proportion is the exact opposite of Direct Proportion. Inverse Proportion -As one quantity increases other quantity decreases. An example problem: If 4 painters can paint a house in 6 days then how many days can 8 painters paint a house of the same size? To solve, use cross product 4 painters=6 days 8 painters=x 4x6=24 24/8=3 To paint the same house,8 painters need 3 days.

What are the three kinds of proportion?

the three kinds of proportions are indirect proportion, direct proportion and thepartitive proportion

How do you solve the proportion of something?

There cannot be a "proportion of something": proportion is a relationship between two things, and how you solve it depends on whether they (or their transformations) are in direct proportion or inverse proportion.

What do you know about direct proportion and inverse proportion?

direct proportion: y=kx inverse proportion: y=k/x

Are two quantities that form a proportion proportional?

Yes, they are in the proportion of the proportion that they form!

What is an open proportion?

a proportion that is open

Indirect proportion direct proportion and partitive proportion dealing solving problems?